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The AMS European branch office was a small division of the government agency AMS. In 2003, it was besieged by creatures and left damaged and abandoned. It appears in the first two levels of The House of the Dead 4.


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In 2003, AMS agent James Taylor and new agent Kate Green visited the branch office, with former believing that the events of a prior 2000 incident hadn't ended. After reaching the office's underground Classified Documents Room via elevator, the agents were trapped inside by an earthquake. While waiting for backup, they found biologically-engineered creatures on the security camera feed attempting to break inside. James and Kate armed themselves with weapons and fought their way out.[1]

The agents found the elevator to the surface damaged, and were dragged into the sewer system by the four-armed behemoth Justice. After defeating him, James and Kate sought a construction elevator located in the sewer system to escape. In the Classified Information Room, they discovered an impending worldwide nuclear missile launch.

The agents were attacked aboard the construction elevator by the Lovers, a giant female and male tarantula attached together. While James and Kate defeated the creature, it broke the elevator, thus forcing them to take a detour into the underground subway system.


1F - Entrance Hall

5F - Classified Documents Room

Classified Information Room


  1. PlayStation®3: THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 Official Website (Japanese). SEGA. Archived from the original on June 20, 2012. Retrieved on May 21, 2020. “「2003年。政府機関AMS所属の特殊工作員「ジェームズ・テイラー」。ゴールドマン事件(『ザ ハウス オブ ザ デッド2』)から3年後、新たに不穏な動きが世界中で起こっていると感じたジェームズは、その糸口を見つけるためにAMSヨーロッパ支局に出向いていた。ジェームズと同じ特殊工作員「ケイト・グリーン」と共に地下5Fにある資料室に向かっている時、その出来事が起こってしまう。この世の終わりと思える程の激しい揺れ、その地震は新しく建てられた頑丈なAMSヨーロッパ支局のビルでさえ、崩壊させるのには十分すぎるものだった。地下に取り残された2人、救援を待ちつづけていた2人にもたらされたものは、おびただしい数のゾンビの群れだった。閉ざされた扉をも壊して侵入してくる敵…持てるだけの武器を手にした2人は、ここからの脱出を決意する。”
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