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If human beings are going to die, just let them die. Finally...the new human evolution has begun!

A Glimmer of Hope (新たな希望, Aratana kibō?) is the fifth and final chapter of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (counting the prologue). It takes place in an area named the Manor Depths.


Inside a church, Thornheart rants that death is inevitable and that "the new human evolution" has begun. He looks up to the ceiling, where a slimy egg-like object is attached.

At 4:05AM, AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor enter a foggy area of Scarecrow Manor. They find monuments dedicated to the late Dr. Curien and Caleb Goldman, who Kate believes were close to Thornheart. Before entering the church, the agents find blue roses. Kate explains that they symbolize "a divine miracle". Ryan quips he could use one.

The church doors open, beckoning Kate and Ryan inside. They find Thornheart, who calmly explains that he was "reborn" from a fatal disease, and that he seeks "new life to be born in a new evolution". Kate and Ryan escape as an earthquake rocks the room, the egg drops from the ceiling, and the building is destroyed in a whirlwind as Moon, a tree-like behemoth, emerges.

As Kate and Ryan fight Moon, it continues growing larger and stronger. Seeing that their gunfire is useless against the creature, Ryan leaps from the ruins of a tower impales Moon through the head with a metal pole. Lightning strikes the creature, killing it. Kate tells Ryan, who survives the fall, that she believes this was James himself intervening from the dead. The sun rises, and with the threat eliminated, the agents leave.


  • When Thornheart's church doors open, Kate says "It's as if we're invited to go inside". This is a callback to similar lines spoken by James Taylor, Gary Stewart, and Kate herself when entering Caleb Goldman's headquarters in The House of the Dead 2 and 4.
  • Busts of the previous three bosses of the game — Chariot, High Priestess, and Hangedman — appear in the beginning portion of the level.
  • Unlike the other levels, this area is labelled as the "Last Stage" on the route map as opposed to its location name (Manor Depths).
  • On Goldman's monument, his first name is specified as "Caleb". This is the first time in the series that Goldman is given a first name; in previous games, he was referred to on a last-name basis. "Caleb" was a previously a fan name for the character.
  • The blue roses, as well as Kate and Ryan's dialogue about how they symbolize "a divine miracle", foreshadow the miraculous lighting strike that kills Moon in the boss fight.


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