A Prelude is the first chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


AMS Agent James Taylor and Gary Stewart head into the heart of the city on the cold rainy day of February 26th, 2000. James tells Gary that they'll be meeting AMS Agent G in the nearby library. Before they can drive on, they are waylaid by a flying imp-like creature named Zeal, who threatens them by saying "I've already taken care of G! This is only the beginning. You're next!" He then flies away, but not before telling the creatures below to "Get them!". With the proclamation, the pair are quickly attacked by the undead. They kill the creatures before making their way into the library.

After killing more creatures, the duo find an injured G hiding himself away. He tells them that fellow AMS Agents Harry Harris and Amy Crystal are coming to back them up. With a final note, he hands the pair his notebook, a notebook containing illustrations and the designated weak points of Goldman's mutants. James bids him well before the pair head off into the streets.

After continuing on their way, killing hordes of creatures and saving many civilians, a nasty cackle quickly echoes around. Zeal reveals himself once again, antagonizing the agents for not heeding his warning. He flies off to the side, just before a giant, headless suit of armor named Kuarl appears and slashes at two cars in his way with a large axe, roaring menacingly at the agents.

The Agents use the notebook to determine to creature's weak points, revealing that Zeal and Kuarl are in fact a deadly duo telekinetically linked together called Judgment. While Zeal attempts to use himself as a distraction as Kuarl menacingly makes his way slowly over to the Agents, they shoot Zeal enough times to seriously injure Kuarl, who falls over and leaves the imp to defend on his own. Despite being a fast adversary, the agents defeat Zeal, who calls out "Sir...Goldman..." before falling to a crumpled heap.

After Judgment's defeat, James and Gary encounter AMS Agents Amy and Harry, the latter who says that the chaos in the city is involved with the 1998 Curien Mansion Case. After a brief recourse, James and Gary split from the two, left to their own devices to continue forward.


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