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Agent (エージェント, Ējento?) is a male creature who appears to have been a former member of the AMS government agency. He is an enemy in The House of the Dead 4. Agents are fast adversaries who can perform kick attacks on the player(s).


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According to his badge, Agent was a member of the AMS government agency, which dissolved in 2003 due to an infestation of biologically-engineered creatures masterminded by Caleb Goldman. That same year, as AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green drove to Goldman's headquarters, several Agents attacked them.


Agents are among the fastest enemies in The House of the Dead 4. In combat, they randomly strafe left and right to dodge gunfire. They primarily attack by kicking the player. Some may attempt to grab the player, while others will jump on their car in an attempt to stomp on them.

Like other humanoid creatures, Agents' heads are their weak points. A headshot will inflict more damage and ultimately kill them faster.


  • Agent's badge, which is difficult to see during gameplay, has only two visible details: a photo of his face, and the label "AMS". The rest of the text is illegible, due to the low quality of the texture.


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