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Vampire Hunter 0099, named Albert (アルベール Arubēru?), was one of two vampire hunters created by Auguste. He is a protagonist of Vampire Night, a 2000 spiritual successor to the House of the Dead series.

Albert, along with another hunter, Michel, was created by Auguste to end his own life. However, they were stripped of their powers when Auguste feared death. In 2006, Albert and Michel defeated Auguste and his followers in France. With their mission completed, the hunters let the rising sun end their own lives.


Neither Michel nor Albert have any memories of their past. This is because the two of them are manifestations of Auguste's turmoil with his own immortality. Neither question their existence nor the inner drive that compels them to vanquish vampires.

The Past I[src]

Both Albert and Michel were created by Auguste as manifestations of the count's turmoil with his own immortality. They have no past memories or any other desire other than to fulfill their creator's desire to end his own life.

The fear of death overwhelmed Auguste's mind, causing him to abandon his pursuit for death and taking away both Albert and Michel's powers, rendering them to be almost as powerless as a human. Knowing full well that they would die once Auguste is slain, they chose to fulfill their purpose and rid the world of Auguste and his creations.

Over the course of three years, the hunters continued to hunt down the count and his vampire servants. Locating Auguste proved to be a difficult task, however, as the count would remain hidden from the world as he is required to hibernate for long periods of time, making it virtually impossible to locate him.

After years of searching, the hunters were finally able to pinpoint where Auguste spent his last hibernation at, underneath a rural village located in France. With their target in sight, the hunters set out to finally end their battle once and for all.


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