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Amy Crystal (born 1971) is an agent of the now-defunct American government organization AMS. Along with Harry Harris, she was dispatched to investigate a large unnamed city that was infested with biologically-engineered creatures.

She is a supporting character in The House of the Dead 2. In Original Mode, she is available is a costume for both James Taylor and Gary Stewart. Otherwise, she is not playable.


Along with Harry Harris, she joins and aids James Taylor and Gary Stewart during their mission. She is first mentioned by G at the beginning of the game's first chapter, she then appears with Harry after James and Gary defeat Judgment.

She appears again along Harry near Sunset Bridge or on a motor boat with Harry (depending which path the player takes) before and after James and Gary face Hierophant. She and Harry commandeer the boat throughout the game's third chapter before going with Harry to the Coliseum after receiving a phone call where she is informed that Goldman has left a message for the AMS agents there, leaving James and Gary to face Tower in the sewers.

After James and Gary destroy Tower, they receive a call from an alarmed Amy that is cut short because of a giant monster attacking her and Harry. The creature is eventually identified as Strength, the boss of the game's fourth chapter. When James and Gary arrive at the Coliseum, they are greeted with a pre-recorded message by Goldman himself before Strength is unleashed again.

After James and Gary defeat the creature, they are given the keys to a car by an injured Harry, with Amy staying with him to tend to his injuries. Amy can be seen again in the game's normal ending along with Harry, G, and the citizens of Venice cheering for James and Gary outside Goldman's headquarters.


  • She is seen wielding a chrome H&K MK23.
  • The House of the Dead 2's Sega Dreamcast manual states that Amy tends to act as a big sister towards Gary Stewart and has not accepted him as a special agent yet.
  • Amy is the only character in the game that speaks with a notable English accent.
  • In the Japanese House of the Dead III Perfect Guide, Amy is intrinsically linked to Caleb Goldman in a tree diagram. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Amy is the first female AMS agent shown in-game.




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