Amy Crystal is an AMS agent that helps James and Gary in House Of The Dead 2. She comes along with Harry Harris to stop the undead threat in Venice, Italy. Amy then meets James and Gary near Sunset Bridge or on a motor boat with Harry (depending which path you take). She then comes along with them in the motor boat on discussing about the Curien Case. Later, they reach the Roman Colosseum but was attacked by the huge Strength, injuring Harry in the process. Goldman later imprisoned both Amy and Harry in order to lure James and Gary, they reach the Colosseum and was able to defeat Strength, the agents freed both Amy and Harry and rushes to Goldman's HQ to stop his plans. In one of the endings, Amy is seen again along with Harry, G, and the citizens of Venice cheering for the agents outside


  • She is seen wielding a silver H&K MK23, however there are no silver H&K MK23 in real life because its made of Carbon Fiber A.K.A. Full Metal.


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