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The Annex is an area of Scarecrow Manor and one of three selectable routes in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Depending on the player's choices, this area may be featured in any of the middle three chapters: Kate and Ryan, Homo sapiens, or Pandora's Box.


At either 11:34AM, 1:12AM, or 2:27AM,[note 1] AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor enter Scarecrow Manor's annex. Kate's PDA detects activity ahead of them. The agents battle hordes of creatures in the dining area before returning outside, where Ryan finds a quad bike and drives the pair to a nearby building. Here, the agents find a room with a giant world map, which Kate states reveals that something "is growing more than [the AMS] expected".

Suddenly, they are waylaid by Chariot, the armored bardiche-wielding humanoid who previously attacked them in the reception party hall. Kate and Ryan retreat to the armory, freeing manor guests from a jail cell before equipping RPGs to blast off a portion of Chariot's armor, exposing his raw flesh to gunfire.

After they kill Chariot, Kate reveals to Ryan that something "will be released all over the world" via a mysterious project named "Noah's Ark".




  1. The time shown in the opening cutscene varies based on the order in which the player selects this level, the Laboratory, and the Elevator Lobby. It is unknown which time is canon.
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