Count Auguste (オーギュスト Ōgyusuto?), also referred to as the King of Darkness or Sir Vampire, was a vampiric leader and the creator of vampire hunters Michel and Albert. He is the main antagonist and final boss of Vampire Night, a 2000 spritual successor to the House of the Dead games.

In his vampire form, Auguste commands a swarm of bats and harnesses the elemental abilities of his loyal followers. His weak point is his entire body.


The most powerful vampire. Born as a result of an evolutionary mishap, this vampire maintains its immortality by resting for long periods of time. It is said that he will rest in peace only when he is freed from the calling of his vampire blood.

Hunter's Files Entry[src]

When or how the vampire Auguste came to be is unknown, his birth was considered a result of an evolutionary mishap that gifted him with immortality, while also transforming him into a creature of the night that thirsts for blood. Having lived for so long, Auguste grew tired of his immortality and eventually decided to end his own life.

He created the vampire hunters, Michel and Albert, who's sole purpose is to slay the count, finally giving him the eternal rest he desired for so long. However, the fear of death overwhelmed the count's mind, causing him to abandon his pursuit for death and taking away his creations' powers, rendering them to be almost as powerless as a human.

Despite this, the hunters continued to fulfill their purpose and proceeded to spend the next three hundred years hunting the vampire and his creations. Auguste would remain hidden from the world as he is required to hibernate for long periods of time, making it virtually impossible to locate him.

The count's luck eventually ran out, however, as the hunters were finally able to pinpoint where Auguste spent his last hibernation at, underneath a rural village located in France. By this time, Auguste had already amassed a number of devoted followers who were ready to protect their master at all cost.

Skills and Abilities

As a vampire, Auguste is gifted with immortality, giving him a seemingly eternal lifespan that is immeasurable to even to that of a mermaid's long lifespan, let alone a human's. He is also able to sire others to become his vampire servants. Auguste is capable of drawing energy from the moon to increase his own strength.

True Form

In his true form, Auguste transforms into a demonic creature clad with pitch-black skin, possessing three sets of wings; a pair of angel wings, a pair of fallen angel wings and a pair of demon wings. He is also able to control a swarm of vampire bats to do his bidding. As the vampire who sired them, Auguste possesses the abilities of his followers, allowing him to command the elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and the elements of his own: Light (his light-reflective ability) and Darkness (his bat swarms).



  1. Auguste will use one of three random attacks and continues doing so until he has taken enough damage (which in turn causes all the bats to self-destroy):
    • Auguste will command the bats to individually attack
    • Auguste will position himself up-down before flying down to slash
    • Auguste will position himself at the bottom to command the bats to attack in a spiral fashion.
  2. Auguste will teleport in any direction on the screen before performing one of four random attacks from the previously defeated bosses. He continues doing so until he has approximately 1/6 health left:
    • Wind slashes (Bathe'lemy): Auguste will turn bluish-white and emit 8 crescent-shaped attacks from a distance. Those slash attacks need to align before moving toward the player(s).
    • Fireballs (Guillaume): Auguste will turn orange and move close before releasing fireballs.
    • Boulders (the giant behemoth Raoul summoned): Auguste will turn greenish-white, warp into a portal before appearing with 4 additional portals. Those additional portals will have boulders which move toward the player(s).
    • Water vortexes (Diane): Auguste will turn purplish-white and summon 2 water vortexes from a distance while those move toward the player(s). The water vortexes are impervious to damage.
  3. Auguste will fly around before biting the player(s) by fangs glowing with beam of light and continues doing so until he is defeated.


  • For the individual bats attack, the bats which will attack are in blue and Auguste will fly away after a set timing.
  • For the slash and spiral attacks, completely deplete the cancel bar is mandatory to stop them.
  • For the usage of attacks from previously defeated bosses, Auguste will turn white and is invulnerable while moving across the screen in-between attacks.
  • For the bite attack, Auguste is largely invisible while flying but can be shot for damage. As usual, completely deplete the cancel bar is mandatory to stop the attack.


Let us settle this once and for all. Who shall live and who shall die?

Auguste's first words, challenging the vampire hunters.[src]

Light and shadow... Is there no way to free us from fate?

Auguste after Bathe'lemy is defeated, questioning the destiny.[src]

So this is our destiny... I knew some day this day would come... The fate of light and shadow... To live as a vampire, as an immortal, how I have suffered. Where there is light there is shadow. What my heart desired... your are my shadow! Let us settle this once and for all! What we started 300 years ago! This battle is for my devoted followers! The end to all!

Auguste before transformation, preparing for the battle.[src]

Why... you? What has changed you in 300 years? Where there is no light there is no shadow! Knowing this you still want to fight?!

Auguste after the first phase of the fight, questioning the vampire hunters' motives.[src]

I shall not be defeated... I am immortal... I am the Vampire!

Auguste before transforming to the second phase, refusing to accept defeat.[src]

I will die... and so will you.

Auguste's final words before death.[src]


  • The first part of his boss battle resembles that of Hangedman while the second part resembles that of Emperor (the ability of use attack skills of the previous bosses).



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