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"Nothing can erase my pain."
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Tonight, you have been admitted to Bayou County General. Your symptoms... Cold sweats, irregular heartbeat, anxiety. The diagnosis... Bleeding horror that cuts like a scalpel to the heart! There is only one cure... A white hot bullet to the brain! Ballistic Trauma! Collect your point blank prescription.

Introductory narration[src]

Ballistic Trauma is the second "feature" of The House of the Dead: Overkill. It revolves around Agent G and Detective Washington searching for Papa Caesar in Bayou County's general hospital, now overrun with mutants.

Playable Characters:

Other Characters:

Opening Cutscene

"Washington and his associate are on their way...Rest assured, Clement, I have a plan which will eliminate both of them and any evidence of our work here." - Papa Caesar on the phone with Clement

Papa Caesar admiring his latest creation incubated in a test tube while talking on the phone. The beast then growls inside the tube. The scene pans showing the hospital's ruined ceilings as if being brought by a hospital bed. Two mutated nurses work on the corpse. G and Washington bust inside startling the two undead females while delivering hot shots to their brain. Before leaving the scene, the corpse is reanimated only to result in its death again.

Level Walkthrough

It starts outside the hospital filled with burned-up vehicles and a multitude of undead feasting on corpses.

The first wave of mutants drop down out of nowhere ready to attack the characters.

Where did these guys come from?

After dealing with the first wave, the second wave will appear from the right followed by a statement by Isaac Washington:

"If there's one thing I hate more than hospitals is hospitals full of mutants." - Isaac's hatred towards hospitals and hospitals with mutants.

A small group of mutants will appear just right of the second wave. More mutants appear when moving to the main hospital arch from above and from the burning ambulances. Then, others rain down from the building as well as mutant nurses coming out of nowhere.

A mutant will spring out from an ambulance followed by other mutants dropping down. This eventually leads to a civilian on the right side being endangered. After rescuing said civilian, a pack of undead will attack from behind (left in the direction of saving the civilian). More of which will be encountered.

Entering Hospital

The characters recheck the entire premises. Afterwards, mutants will spawn behind them from the main hallway. Before entering the main hospital waiting area, mutants will spring out to attack them.

Hospital Waiting Area

They checked first the waiting counter, infested with mutants, from left to right. All around them, from the right side and the entrance, mutants occupied the area. They eliminate those in the waiting section, then the entrance, and finally shooting down the remaining.


They checked a workers room only for it to be empty. Afterwards, they move on.

Patient's Room

Mutants started moving from the inside spawning under beds and springing up from the sides. They then leave the room.


A group of mutants charge towards them. Some of which came out from other patient rooms. They then checked if anything undead are roaming behind of which they proceed to mutilate them. Before leaving, they eliminate whatever mutant is left in some of the rooms.

A cutscene takes place. This cutscene reveals a glimpse of the level's boss wandering in another hallway.

Hello? Hey you over there.

They both see an injured woman standing in front of them. When they attempt to communicate her, she suddenly disappears.

"Shit. The bitch is gone." - Isaac's statement of the experience.

They look around the area to see where she had gone. When the look behind them, her demented face surprised them and emits a loud, deafening shriek that causes both of them to lose sight and become unconscious.

Extreme Close Up of the Screamer's face.

As they awoke, they can barely hear anything.

"Uhh...I feel like my head's been cut in two." - G's traumatic after results.

"Hello? Hello? I'm deaf! That bitch has made me fucking deaf. Hello?" - Isaac's traumatic after results.

"Will you shut up? Your hearing will come back in a second." - G trying to compensate Isaac's foul mouth comments.

Throughout the entire level, the characters will encounter the Screamer's hallucinations.

They venture into the next hallway while peeking over the Emergency Room. The characters started to annihilate a group of mutants from the adjoining hallway.

Emergency Room

Though they haven't entered the room, a civilian can be seen endangered from the inside.

As they do enter, more mutants are then eliminated coming from inside and from the other entry point.

Emergency Room 2

They enter another emergency room connected to the first one. This room has more mutants thriving inside than that of the first one. Afterwards, they destroy the remaining mutants.

Hallway 2

A group of reanimated corpses infest this hallway.

As they continue their blood-soaked journey, another hallucination of the Screamer pops out from the right. Before continuing, a mutant stands on the left side within the second emergency room.

They continue shooting down whatever's left of the mutants especially another pack of them coming, again, from the second emergency room and the next area.

They then enter the hospital's elevator but before they ride, they destroy the remaining pack.

"Fuck, man. Not another elevator. Not after that last one." - Isaac reminiscing the elevator incident from the first level.

As both characters ride the elevator, the space suddenly expands like a metal adjustment room followed by another appearance of the Screamer. Silence then fills the room until the growling sounds of the undead change the atmosphere.

The Elevator suddenly becomes more spacious.

Before leaving the elevator, they confronted and eliminated the pack of mutants awaiting them from the other side.

Ward A

Inside, mutants occupy the warden. Before entering, mutant nurses from the hallway rush towards the characters only to be shot to death.

"I love me a bitch in uniform." - Isaac addressing his affection to the strangely "sexy" female mutants.

A small pack of mutant doctors charges towards them from the inside of the ward.

"I never did trust doctors." - G revealing his opinion on doctors.

They fight through the carnage of resurrected corpses rising up from almost each bed. Especially a bold male surgeon mutant.

"Get away from me you bold motherfucker!" - Isaac shooting down a bold mutant.

They then rescued another civilian strapped on a hospital bed.

More mutants started to bust in by breaking windows. The sounds of a helicopter can be heard outside.

Before jumping out, mutant nurses attack them from behind.

Roof Platform

Surrounded by a pack of mutants dropping down from higher floors, climbing up the building and thriving within the platform as well as mutants from the other side of the street on top of a another building.

Another cutscene takes place with another appearance from the Screamer. This time, she delivers her tantalizing scream to the helicopter, alerting G and Isaac to dodge, disorienting it's pilot and leading to its destruction.

The helicopter on the brink of destruction

"I'm alive. I'm motherfucking still alive." - Isaac expressing his relief to be alive.

"Yeah. Just my luck." - G's response.

A fat mutant carrying a barrel can be seen on top of the chopper. Whether shooting the barrel or the mutant will cause the chopper to explode.

More mutants come after them only to be given multiple shots to their rotten bodies.

Ward C

They fight off what's left of the mutants inside this ward.

Outside, more mutants await them.

Exit Hall

Before and during entrance to the next room, they will fight more mutants.


Mutants in the Cafeteria itself are plentiful showing up from under tables, behind the food counter and from broken windows with ones that attack by throwing bladed objects and empty bottles. Another helicopter surveils the action outside. They vault over the food counter leading to the kitchen.

Mutant-infested kitchen.

The Kitchen itself is burned down occupied by numerous mutated chefs.

Laundry Room

Little mutant activity occurs in this room.

They then head over to a water cooler room.

Water Cooler Room

Mutants will come from all over the place especially one that leads to the next area. More activity here than the Laundry Room.

The next area they venture has less activity. They clear up whatever else is remaining in the hallways and exit areas they just came from.

However, in another hallway, they are greeted by what seem to be baby mutants. These mutants are extremely agile and can be difficult to precisely aim at them.

Extreme Close Up of the baby mutants or "Spawnlings".

"Are those things?..." - G's questions their arrival.

"I don't know but I got a pacifier for them right here." - Isaac showing his pacifier.

Ward A 2

More mutants infest the area as well as another civilian casualty danger.

Two mutants awake from 2 CT Scanner Machines. They then head over to the exit door only to be greeted by more mutants. They go to another door but the room is still populated by mutants but decided to travel inside. While exploring the place, another glimpse of the Screamer pops up followed by more mutants attacking the characters coming in from the next area, other hallway all the way down stairs.

Underground Section

This section has little mutant activity but still requires mutilation. As they navigate further down, they lead themselves to the hospital morgue.


Note that morgue closets colored in silver are where mutants will arise from while others await the characters' arrival.

There are two rooms in this section. The second section has little activity.

A third section is built next to the morgue yet has activity similar to the second one.

Hallway 3

Less activity occurs here but mutants will jump from other rooms. This hallway leads to the Screamer boss fight.

Boss Fight Scene

G unknowingly confronts the Screamer

"Ma'am? Ma'am, are you okay?" - G ask the "injured woman".

"Move aside, diaper shit - let a man handle this." - Isaac being a man.

As Isaac tries to communication, the Screamer turns around revealing her familiar disfigured face to them rising up in a demonic posture.

The Screamer unleashes her primary attack making the characters relive the traumatic moment again.

Boss Fight

"Over there. Here she comes!" - Isaac stating the obvious inevitability.

The Screamer will toy around with the characters using her teleporting powers.

"Where did she go?" - G wonders her instant disappearance.

"No fucking idea. But next time I see her right in the face." - Isaac preparing his solution.

She then uses false imagery to distract them both.

"Where the fuck did they come from?" - Isaac ponders the fact more mutants arrive.

Shooting the Screamer will disable her false images of mutants.

She then comes after the characters with false images of herself. Shooting the wrong versions of her will result in her breaking the fourth wall and attack them in horror movie-style mutilation.

Screamer attacking her victim by breaking the fourth wall.

"What the fuck! Are you okay, G?" - Isaac concerned of G.

"Did you say something, De-detective Washington?" - G's injured answer.

"What?" - Washington and G ask themselves hilariously.

"She's toying with us." - G addresses the situation.

"People have been fucking with us all day. Time for some payback." - Isaac's response to the situation.

"Ah shit. While we're dealing with this mouthy bitch, Caesar is getting away." - Isaac reminding Caesar's scenario.

"One shoot at time, Washington. We have to follow procedure." - G's response.

"Procedure can kiss my ass." - Isaac responds back.

Boss Fight Aftermath Cutscene

A ringing from an unknown source is heard.

"Are you gonna answer that?" - Isaac questions G.

"That's not my phone." - G's responded.

They search where the ringing is coming from until they look at the Screamer's corpse.

The bitch is ringing.

They place the Screamer's corpse on a mobile platform and arrange her position. Isaac hears the ringing coming from inside her body.

"No motherfuckin' way, man. I manicured only yesterday!" - Isaac's reasoning to avoid delving into the Screamer's corpse.

"You manicure..." - G questions his reasoning.

"What if I fucking do? These ain't going inside that bitch...No finger fucking way..." - Isaac defends his reasoning.

An unexpected complication

G opens up the Mutant Boss's guts leaving Isaac on a distasteful sight. G answers the phone.

"Hello?" - G answers.

"Who could be behind such depravity?" - Narrator mentions the depravity of the situation.

He gives the phone to Isaac.

"It's for you." - G hands over the phone to Washington.

"Yo!" - Isaac answers.

Papa Caesar attains his catchers outside the hospital.

Papa strikes again.

"Isaac, darling. As you well know, Isaac, I enjoy pain. It's like a good Chinese dinner, you know, with the sweet and the sour. Expanding on that analogy, I will smile with delight, that's the sweet, as you scream for your fuckin' life, of course that's the sour...(activates something) Ciao! - Papa Caesar taunting Washington.

"Mad Motherfucker..." - Isaac's statement of Caesar.

The sounds of a bomb ticking somewhere caught their attention.

"Shit. The place is wired to blow!". - Isaac realizing the situation.

"We're not dead yet, Detective." - G's response.

The two ran off to escape the rigged explosion.

Level End Cutscene

They quickly run towards G's car.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" - Isaac's statement.

As they nearly reach to the car, it too was rigged to explode.

"Motherfucker!" - Isaac's reaction.

Suddenly, Varla shows up to aid them.

A howling hell cat humping a hot steel hog.

The camera checks out her body only to return itself focused on her face.

"Hey you - Crocket and Tubbs! Jump on! - Varla hitching them a ride.

They both hop on to Varla's motorcycle with G on the back of her bike and Washington on the side car. As the two officers exchange funny physical interactions, Varla steps on the gas and leaves the scene right before the explosion occurs.

"A seductive she-devil, leading a pair of pigs on a roaring rampage of revenge!" - Narrator-s final narration of this level.


  • This setting of the level is in a mutant-infested hospital, a common origin story of most horror films especially zombie films.
    • Additionally, the Screamer boss will haunt the characters with her hallucination skills as if being followed by her psychologically.
    • One of the Screamer's attacks allows her to break the fourth wall while attacking her victims. This is a reference to grindhouse horror films having the supernatural pop in front of the screen.
    • The hospital itself bares slight resemblance to the hospital in the horror film, Planet Terror, a film of which this game is heavily based on.
  • There are 24 swears in this level in total.
  • This level reveals some of G's and Isaac's opinions:
    • While battling against mutant nurses, Washington comments on how "sexy" they look despite being walking decaying flesh.
    • G makes a comment about doctors stating he never trusted them.
    • Though Washington has a bold hairline, he expresses his negativity to a bold mutant about it's haircut.
    • Washington somewhat expresses his fear for elevators after the first level.
  • This level ends with G's car blowing up similar to how the first level ended with Isaac's car exploding.
  • At the end level scene, Varla referred to G and Isaac as Crocket and Tubbs. This is a reference to Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, the two main protagonists of the 1984 television series, Miami Vice.
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