Template:Chapters"Tonight, you have been admitted to Bayou County General...Your symptoms...Cold sweats, irregular heartbeat, anxiety...The diagnosis...Bleeding horror that cuts like a scalpel to the heart!...There is only one cure...A white hot shot to the brain!...Ballistic Trauma!...Collect your point blank prescription." - Opening Narrator's narration.

Ballistic Trauma is the second(third in the Extended Cut) level of the game. It revolves around the G and Isaac searching Papa Caesar in an mutant over-runned hospital.

Playable Characters:

Other Characters:

Opening Cutscene

"Washington and his associate are on their way...Rest assured, Clement, I have a plan which will eliminate both of them and any evidence of our work here." - Papa Caesar on the phone with Clement

Papa Caesar admiring his latest creation incubated in a test tube while talking on the phone. The beast then growls inside the tube. The scene pans showing the hospitals ruined ceilings as if being brought by a hospital bed. Two mutated nurses work on the corpse. G and Washington bust inside startling to two undead females while delivering hot shots to their brain. Before leaving the scene, the corpse is reanimated only to result in it's death again.

Level Walkthrough

It starts outside the hospital filled with burned up vehicles and a multitude of undead feasting on corpses.

The first wave of mutants drop down out of nowhere ready to attack the characters.


Where did these guys come from?

After dealing with the first wave, the second wave will appear from the right followed by a statement by Isaac Washington:

"If there's one thing I hate more than hospitals is hospitals full of mutants." - Isaac's hatred towards hospitals and hospitals with mutants.

A small group of mutants will appear just right of the second wave. More mutants appear when moving to the main hospital arch from above and from the burning ambulances. Then, others rain down from the building as well as a mutant nurses coming out of nowhere.

A mutant will spring out from an ambulance followed by other mutants dropping down. This eventually leads to a civilian on the right side being endangered. After rescuing civilian, a pack of undead will attack from behind(left in the direction of saving the civilian). More of which will be encountered.

Entering Hospital

The characters recheck the entire premises. Afterwards, mutants will spawn behind them from the main hallway. Before entering the main hospital waiting area, mutants will spring out to attack them.

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