Human life is frail...aging and death are inevitable...

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Bathe'lemy (バルテルミー Baruterumī?), also referred to as the Knight, was a vampire who served under Auguste's court. He is an antagonist and the first boss of Vampire Night, a 2000 spiritual successor to the House of the Dead series.

When Auguste was threatened by vampire hunters Michel and Albert, Bathe'lemy attempted to stop them. He is fought in both his human and vampire forms: as a human, he is an evasive target and attacks with his sword; as a vampire, he is a large golem-like creature with a sword for each arm. His weak point is his head.


He searched for the meaning of death. An encounter with immortality brought an end to his journey. However, overcoming death did not bring joy. Rather, it created an insatiable desire for death he had not known as a human.

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Once a human, Bathe'lemy viewed human life as frail, even his own and feared the inevitability of death. He searched for the meaning of death, until he came across the means of overcome death, vampirism. At some point in his life, Bathe'lemy encountered the vampire Auguste and chose to become one of the count's servants in exchange for immortality. Though he had finally overcome death, his newfound immortality did not bring him joy. Rather, it created an insatiable desire for death he had not known as a human. As a count's servant, his responsibility as a powerful swordman is to review outsiders before they enter Auguste's castle.

Once the vampire hunters had arrived at the village, Bathe'lemy volunteered as the first to face them, hoping to face worthy opponents. As the hunters made their way to the village square, they are confronted by a group of Velociphers, only for Bathe'lemy himself to appear and order his minions to withdraw. Impressed by the hunters' skill, Bathe'lemy drew his sword and challenged the hunters to a duel, chasing them through the village. Having finally cornered the hunters, Bathe'lemy transformed into his true form, only to be defeated by the hunters. Reverting back to his human form, Bathe'lemy questioned why did they chose to protect the humans, before finally succumbing to his wounds.

Skills and abilities

Bathe'lemy's vampiric powers has given him great agility and the power of invisibility, allowing him to appear out of nowhere and disappear at will. His vampiric powers has also enhanced his swordsmanship with air element, allowing him to emit wind strikes.

True form

In his true form, Bathe'lemy transforms into a giant horned, knight-like golem with his swords merged to become part of both his arms. He gains superhuman strength which allows him to slice a pillar with ease. His entire body is protected by armored skin that is as impenetrable, rendering him practically invulnerable, with the exception of one weak point: his head. Due to his massive size, Bathe'lemy has lost his agility, although he still maintains invisibility and the ability to emit crescent-shaped wind attacks.


Human form


  1. Bathe'lemy will run towards the the player(s) for a distance before doing a quick warp to another location, still running for a distance before another quick warp then finally running straight for a slash. He is invisible during the quick warp and his blade will emit an aura which increases in intensity per run. The aura disappears if the cancel bar is depleted before he successfully slashes the player(s) or if he succeeds in doing so. He will use this attack for at least 6 times.
  2. Bathe'lemy will appear from any direction. Once he does, he will run and emit one or two wind strike(s) before disappearing. The wind strikes can be shot down. This phase ends once his lifebar disappears.

Vampire form

Bathe'lemy will use the following attacks: moving towards the player(s) for a slash, or emitting wind strikes from a distance. Due to his massive size in this form, Bathe'lemy moves and emits wind strikes more slowly. As usual, the wind strikes can be shot down and he disappears after each attack. Should any wind strike he emits successfully strikes any pillar, shoot the debris that is formed.


Quote Audio
"Interesting! Let's see them do better!"
"Amazing... your powers. I am the one who serves the Vampire! What a joy! Finally, to meet such powerful ones... Draw your guns... don't disappoint me!"
"I never thought I'd meet such worthy opponents. But the fun's over. Be prepared, because I've no mercy for you! This sword will mark your graves."
"Why protect the humans? What are you fighting for? Why?"


  • In training mode, players only battle Bathe'lemy's vampire form. To increase the challenge, he has full health instead of remaining health after players depleted some of it during his human form.
  • In his vampire form, his shape of his body is almost resembles of that "Minotaur".


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