Type C-2, referred to as "Bentley" (ベントレー), is an obese humanoid creature. He was genetically produced by two parties - originally Dr. Roy Curien, and later his associate Thornheart - in order to carry out humanity-threatening worldwide incidents. Bentley is characterized by his massive strength and endurance.

He originally belonged to a C-type group of other obese creatures: Samson (サムソン) and Burner (バーナー). Both inherit Bentley's traits, but gain access to different weapons.

He is an enemy in The House of the Dead and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. In addition, there are other obese creatures in the series, including Bob from The House of the Dead 2 and Charles from The House of the Dead III and 4.

Bestiary Overview

Bentley is a shirtless, heavyset creature who wears blue jeans. His skin is pale, with parts of his belly, right bicep, and the left side of his face covered in green burn-like markings. His right eye is pale white, but his left is missing. Bentley is also completely bald.

On the PC port of The House of the Dead, the markings on Bentley's body are pink in color.


Bentley is second type of "fat" creature encountered in the game. He dies in two headshots, but the rest of his body can withstand numerous bullets. Despite his size, Bentley tends to rush the player and has a fast shoulder tackle.

From a distance, Bentley throws barrels or oil drums at the player; these projectiles can be shot to avoid damage.


The House of the Dead

Official Art

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

Official Art

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