The BioReactor[1], or Bioreactor[2], was a machine designed to edit the DNA sequences of organisms, with the capacity to produce hostile creatures. It first appeared in The House of the Dead.


The BioReactor was invented by Dr. Curien, then research director of the DBR Corporation, and was located in a laboratory within his mansion.[3][1] Driven mad by his efforts to cure his terminally-ill son Daniel, he sought removing the barrier between life and death. Using the BioReactor, he produced a variety of biologically engineered creatures. His four most "perfect" creations were Chariot, Hangedman, Hermit, and Magician (the latter of which though was incomplete); the rest were defects.[2]

In 1998, Curien released many of the creatures upon fellow staff members, while Magician continued maturing in the BioReactor. Magician was awoken by Curien when AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G confronted him, only to betray and kill his creator before fighting the agents.

The experiments produced by the BioReactor would later be an influence for Caleb Goldman's own research.


The BioReactor could edit the DNA sequences of any organism, transforming them into macabre creatures that pose a threat to human life.[2]



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