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Black Magician to AMS agents[src]

Type-01, codenamed "Black Magician" is an UDS (Undead Soldier) touted as the "God of Destruction" that the bio terrorist ZED released from his body at the end of Episode 7. He is the final boss in the spin-off Zombie Revenge.


  • Black Magician derives its name and appearance from Magician, a recurring boss in the original House of the Dead series.
  • Black Magician shares the same voice as ZED, but with an added sound filter.
  • The chapter name Black Magician is fought in, "Dawn", is also the name of the chapter the Magician is fought in from The House of the Dead 2, further linking their synonymity.
  • The boss is the only enemy in the whole game assigned with a Type number.
  • Black Magician’s Type number “01” is the number assigned to the Magician tarot card.


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