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ThugBard ThugBard 17 May

House of the Dead: Remake for Nintendo Switch - Review

Honest Score: 7/10

My Opinion: 8/10


  The House of the Dead was first released in Japanese arcades in 1996, developed by Sega AM1 and published by Sega. In 1997, the game saw its worldwide release. Growing up in rural Virginia, I first saw this game myself in either 1997 or 1998, when I was either four or five years old, at an arcade in my local mall. I was captivated by the use of light guns to mow down hordes of macabre creatures. The sights, sounds, and gameplay made a strong impression on me at such a young age. When we went shopping, I wanted to see the “zombie game.” The concept of Dr. Curien’s “experiment gone wrong” where lab-grown abominations chased scientists through a haunted house of sorts intrigued me. I saw my moth…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 19 April

The Wiki of the Dead's Exclusive Interview with Benjamin Anseaume and Artur Grzegorczyn

crThe House of the Dead: Remake arrived on the Nintendo Switch on April 7th of this year. Developed by MegaPixel Studio and published by Forever Entertainment, the game rebuilds Sega's 1996 rail shooter The House of the Dead from the ground-up, offering new game features, updated graphics, and modern voice acting.

Here is our exclusive interview with project director Artur Grzegorczyn and co-producer Benjamin Anseaume.

  • 1 Working with Sega
  • 2 Inspirations and research
  • 3 Platform and controls
  • 4 Music and voice acting
  • 5 Game content and production
  • 6 Looking forward

How involved was Sega with The House of the Dead: Remake? Did they provide the development team any models, concept art, or other materials for reference?

Artur Grzegorczyn (project director): The Hous…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 9 March

HOTD: Remake concept art, new screenshots shared

Concept artwork and two new screenshots of The House of the Dead: Remakes characters have been revealed. (Source)

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 4 March

New HOTD: Remake trailer, info, release date

A new trailer for The House of the Dead: Remake dropped, with new footage and information. The game will be released on April 7th for the Switch. Pre-orders begin on March 31st.

New features revealed by news outlets include a photo mode, achievements, an armory with unlockable weapons, and a gallery "with encountered enemies and bosses". The inclusion of Horde Mode was also reconfirmed.

The wiki is being updated to reflect all these new developments. As always, everyone is welcome to contribute! See you on April 7th, my AMS friends.

- Multibrawlr

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RRT94 RRT94 13 September 2021

Remake soon

As the year is slowly coming to an end, we are also approaching the release of The House Of The Dead: Remake. The remake of a fantastic game that started this all. 6 mainline titles, several spin-off games, one fandom wiki, and two goddamn awful movies. As of now we have not received any new information since July, but have patience as we might receive news any day now (I mean they have to announce something right?). Whether it might be concept art, artwork, screenshots, a new trailer or even a surprise release of the game even, we're gonna be excited for it nonetheless. Let's all hope we don't have to wait for much longer, that is all my fellow AMS agents. Peace out y'all 😉.

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 11 September 2021


Hi, What's Up?

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 1 June 2021

Upcoming "FandomDesktop" redesign

Hey, AMS agents!

Huge heads-up... we've recently learned that FANDOM will be rolling out changes to wiki design this summer. The new design is called "FandomDesktop" and will change a lot of how The Wiki of the Dead will look. We'll work to adapt to the redesign.

If you logged in to your FANDOM account, you may have gotten a message asking you to "opt-in" to the redesign. Doing so will show present the wiki under the new "FandomDesktop" design . It's messy because we're still updating things to suit the new design.

As such, we recommend that you continue browsing The Wiki of the Dead on its older design until the new design is better polished. Go to your profile, and under "My Preferences", click "Appearance" and then enable the "Oasis" skin…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 28 May 2021

The House of the Dead: Remake staff interview

Hey again, AMS agents!

Today, Twitch channel Fragments of Silicon interviewed The House of the Dead: Remake producers Benjamin Anseaume and Artur Gregozync! We've learned a lot about the game, and will update the wiki accordingly.

  • The archived Twitch stream
  • A summary of the major points discussed



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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 1 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

To my dear AMS agents,

Happy New Year and thanks to my fellow staff members, as well as everyone else who has browsed The Wiki of the Dead and/or contributed to it!

I'm proud of how the wiki has transformed positively. I can only hope that it will help newcomers discover The House of the Dead, a franchise that has been an important part of my life.

Hopefully 2021 will bring us more news on The House of the Dead: Remake!



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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 3 December 2020

The House of the Dead: Remake ideas spreadsheet received by developers!

Hello, AMS agents!

Back in August of this year, we launched a spreadsheet to collect ideas and suggestions for the upcoming The House of the Dead: Remake by Forever Entertainment, MegaPixel Studio, and TA Publishing. We sent it to the development team, and we confirm that they received it and will consider the feedback left by the community!

The spreadsheet is still live, so any further contributions are welcome! Just be aware of the rules:

  • No...
    • Trolling.
    • Deletion of others' suggestions.
    • Sexual/racist/political or otherwise irrelevant material.
    • Duplicate entries (please check the spreadsheet to make sure your request isn't already there).
  • Posts must be in English only.

Me and SanatanaSociety will delete any entries that violate these policies.

Check …

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 13 September 2020

Happy 24th Anniversary to The House of the Dead!

On this day in 1996, The House of the Dead was released to Japanese arcades. It became a household name within the light gun genre and received multiple sequels and spin-offs.

Today's also the second anniversary of the Japanese launch of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, which occurred two years ago during the franchise's 22nd anniversary! The game ended a 12-year hiatus on the franchise.

In addition, during this month last year, it was reported that Polish developers MegaPixel Studio and Forever Entertainment were remaking The House of the Dead, in addition to The House of the Dead 2. In October 2019, Forever Entertainment confirmed that they signed agreements to remake both games.

Several sources suggest that these remakes truly exist, and are no…

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 17 July 2020

The House of the Dead Sub-Story NEW TRANSLATION, COMPLETE

The House of the Dead Sub-Story NEW TRANSLATION, COMPLETE

Translated by Choek “Gil” and SantanaSociety

What you are reading below is a translation of a work that had previously received similar treatment; however, it remained inaccessible for many English readers due to grammatical and spelling errors, redundancies, and conflictions. Japanese, bearing no relation to the Indo-European branch of languages whatsoever, is difficult to translate over into standard English. I was lucky enough to bear an acquaintance with a wonderful individual who speaks Japanese as fluently as he does his own language, that being Cantonese. He labored for many hours over this document before turning it over to me for standard English conversion. I felt that I had …

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 6 May 2020

On This Day in HOD History (5/5/2020)

Hello, AMS agents! Today, in 1998, The House of the Dead was released to the Sega Saturn! SEGA Forever uploaded some cool hi-res artwork on Twitter to celebrate. Check it out here!

We anticipate Forever Entertainment's remakes of the first two House of the Dead games, and -- as always -- will update the wiki and keep everyone informed as new content arrives.

Take care, everyone! Stay safe.

- multibrawlr

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 29 February 2020

Zombie Revenge, Overkill, Vampire Night...Content Revision Needed!

Hello again everybody!

As somebody who is proud of the influx of contributions being partaken to clean up game pages in the main series (most notably The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2 for the anticipated remakes), I and Multibrawlr have been taking into account that we've possibly been focusing too much on the main series and not enough on spin-off material for The House of the Dead: Overkill, Zombie Revenge, and spiritual successor Vampire Night.  These pages alone combined make up around 20% of our wiki content, with many of these pages alone tagged as "article stubs" or "pages needing cleanup".

Like before, we have a sheer amount of tasks that we are completing, and in the meantime we need your help. If you have even an iota of ne…

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 26 February 2020

A HUGE Anniversary!

My fellow agents and DBR personnel...

Today marks a very important and influential day in The House of the Dead timeline history. On this day, February 26th of 2000, the malign financier, Caleb Goldman of theDBR, unleashed his grotesque hordes of creatures out onto civilian streets. This would trigger further events that would eventually lead to world devestation and change. Only the ilk of theAMS, James Taylor and Gary Stewart, were able to make attempts at nuetralizing the threat on this date.

Yup. Today is the 20th anniversary of when Judgment tried to decapitate us, Hierophant attempted to impale us, Tower attempted to maul us, Strength attempted to slice us, Magician tried to burn us, and Emper…

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 20 February 2020

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn - The Attraction is coming!

Hello my AMS friends, Darryl here.

We all know what happened to The House of the Dead 4: Special attraction in Tokyo Joypolis that got removed on February 2nd... It was sad indeed.

Well, don't be sad my friends, because a new attraction is coming to replacing 4 Special! Tokyo Joypolis has just announced Scarlet Dawn: The Attraction, a special edition to Scarlet Dawn that will come on March 19, 2020!

More info will come very soon! Stay tuned.

- DL

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 9 February 2020

On This Day in HOD History (2/9/2020)

Hello, AMS agents! Today is the 54th birthday of AMS agent Thomas Rogan!

Born in 1966, Rogan became a top-ranking AMS agent under the codename "Eager Eagle". Ever since he helped neutralize the 1998 Curien Mansion incident, he's battled worldwide incidents involving hostile biologically-engineered creatures. After the AMS disbanded in 2003, Rogan formed a secret division to keep fighting for humanity.

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 8 February 2020

A new administrator joins! (2/7/2020)

Hello, AMS agents. A quick (but big) announcement: due to her vast contributions and strong committment to The Wiki of the Dead, I have made our content moderator SanatanaSociety an admin!

This means that there'll be one extra person for you to contact regarding any wiki-related questions, comments, or concerns. Congratulations, San! Thank you for all your hard work.

- multibrawlr

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 24 January 2020

The Wiki of the Dead NEW Twitter Account

Greetings agents! We have even more great news to share with you all! Because of all the excitement blossoming with the remakes on their way and the possiblity of even more HOD games coming our way in the near future from SEGA, themselves, I and Multi have decided to create an official Wiki of the Dead twitter page! On the page, we will be covering:

  • News
  • Updates
  • Featured articles
  • Concepts and Lore
  • Artwork
  • Screenshots
  • Behind the Scenes information

You can head on over to our page here: Feel free to follow us over there!

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Cyindaquil87 Cyindaquil87 22 January 2020


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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 18 January 2020

Achievements feature added

Hello, AMS agents. The Wiki of the Dead has recently gotten a new feature: Achievements.

As you contribute (editing pages, adding images, making blog posts and comments, ect.) you will earn Achievements, which are House of the Dead-themed medals/badges that go on your profile. They're also worth points, with all participating users being listed on the Leaderboard.

The purpose of these Achievements is to encourage and reward contributions to the wiki. With that said, our good conduct and anti-vandalism policies still apply. Action will also be taken against any cheating or abuse of this system.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please flag down a staff member. Happy editing.

- multibrawlr

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 10 January 2020

Editing and Contributing: Commonly Asked Questions

NOTE: This editing FAQ will continue to be updated to reflect Wiki of the Dead's standard editing procedures. Due to an inundation of newly discovered information about the series and the upcoming Forever Entertainment remakes, it is inevitable that there will be changes implemented as we pull ourselves forward from what this wiki once was.

Greetings once again, everybody! Due to a recent flux of editing and contributing from many different accounts, I decided to create this little post as an informative for what’s accepted. We highly appreciate and value all the work you guys have added to our growing wiki.

What is considered canon?

Canon is information confirmed by games, manuals, written material, and developer interviews. We have as of la…

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 6 January 2020

UPDATE: Accounts Now Required for Editing and Commenting

Greetings, agents and fellow staff. We have a big announcement to make for a large change we enacted on this wiki.

First and foremost, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the anonymous users on this wiki who have contributed both big and small. Your assistance with editing, communicating, formatting, etc. have improved this wiki in strides ever since its launch over a decade ago. I am thankful for everything you have all done.

However, I must also announce that as of today, we have made the final decision to deactivate anonymous editing. There are many reasons for this conclusion.

We have been cleaning up this wiki for a good long time now. For almost 10 years, this wiki lacked good administration that could keep an eye out for mis…

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Vladimir770 Vladimir770 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, AMS Agents and Staff and Comrades of all ages, today we celebrate the NEW YEAR'S DAY!!! What is your Resolution today?

-Cpt. Vladimir V. Tirannozavrov

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 25 December 2019

Happy Holidays 2019

To my dear AMS agents, contributors, staff members, and viewers of The Wiki of the Dead...happy holidays and best wishes.

It's remarkable how much this wiki has changed for the better, and it'll only improve. Thanks to all those who have supported us. I sincerely just want the wiki to help unite House of the Dead fans and encourage newcomers to play the games.

With news of possible remakes and future House of the Dead titles, our work is far from over, and we'll have more opportunities to cover exciting stuff. I look forward to this wiki getting further improvements, rising from the ashes to be something truly incredible.



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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 21 December 2019

On This Day in HOD History (12/20/2019)

Hello again, AMS agents! In the House of the Dead universe, today is the 21st anniversary of Dr. Roy Curien's death at the hands of his "masterpiece", Magician, which occurred in 1998. AMS agentsThomas Rogan and G managed to defeat the creature, whose last words were:


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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 18 December 2019

On This Day in HOD History (12/18/2019)

Hello, AMS agents! Today is the 21st anniversary of the 1998 Curien Mansion incident in the House of the Dead universe.

On December 18, 1998, the mentally unstableDr. Roy Curien released hideous and hostile biologically-engineered creatures upon his own research staff. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G dispatched the threat, defeating creatures including Chariot, Hangedman, Hermit, and Magician. Among the survivors was researcher Sophie Richards, who would marry Rogan afterwards.

Unfortunately for them, the nightmare was only beginning...

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 12 December 2019

Issues with Excessive Vandalism

Hello everybody. I'm writing this blog to give you a heads-up on what has been going down on this wiki for a good while now.

Due to recent events, we would like to discuss our policies regarding vandalism and some changes we will be making.

We have stringent rules on Wiki of the Dead regarding vandalism, and due to the excessiveness of sock puppet accounts attempting to make this place a dumping ground, I and Multibrawlr have agreed that anyone who displays this kind of material on our site will permanently be banned. No exceptions.

Here is a basic layout of what is NOT accepted:

-Pornography or sexual content


-Editing of Gallery photos to include above said content

-Racist material

-Inappropriate comments on pages

-Mass deletion of materi…

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 4 December 2019

Farewell... for now.

Hello, my AMS agents, Darryl here. I have an important announcement to make.

If you been following on the Discord channel (Link:, then you'll know that I and fellow admin Multibrawlr had a bit of a discussion about the wiki, as well as my issues with the wiki. During this conversation as well, is where I realize that considering my situation with my real-life issues and problems, it is clear that I am no longer capable to run and manage the wiki entirely.

As a result, as of the writing of this post, I hereby resigned and demoted myself from an "Administrator" to a "Content Moderator". The reason for this change, other than my lack of time, was to allow me to contribute to the wiki at my own leisure.

From here on ou…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 30 November 2019

"User theories" idea (feedback appreciated)

Hello AMS agents,

As you're already aware, we have policies that forbid fanfiction and non-canonical content on pages. We want to stay credible by focusing on factual, confirmed information.

However, we do recognize that some people still want speculate and theorize. The solution would be allowing the posting of this content, but *not* in the wiki pages themselves.

SanatanaSociety suggested that fanfiction and speculation be limited to user blog posts, which could be tagged as "User theories". This has been done on Xenopedia.

I want to hear feedback on this. I stress that regardless, The Wiki of the Dead will maintain its original stance on fanfiction/non-canonical content posted on pages. The "User theories" idea was only considered in the ho…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 29 November 2019

Happy holidays, wiki renaming, and other updates

Happy holidays, AMS agents! I've made some important changes to the wiki.

  • I've requested FANDOM to change our URL from "houseofthedead" to "thehouseofthedead". The old URL simply redirects to the new one.
  • Our main page will get a short description of the wiki, which will show up on web searches. I already wrote and submitted it, but it'll take some time before the change goes into effect. The description quickly summarises our wiki's purpose, and lists out some broad popularly-searched topics.
  • The site name has now officially changed from House of the Dead Wiki to The Wiki of the Dead. The new name is meant to sound a little more interesting, plus it is a reference to the various HOD spin-offs (Typing, English). FANDOM had to get involved as …
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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 19 November 2019

An announcement

Hello my AMS friends, it's been a while.

I've received numerous complains about my work as an admin. Mostly attributed to my inactivity by our co-admin Multibrawlr. 

He is right. I am very inactive these days. Most of my time was taken to finish chores in my home and finishing homework from the university, which seem to have no end by now. It was exhausting and give me no time to do any work on the wiki. Not to mention my laptop which suddenly broke down last week. It's fine now.

As a result, I become an irresponsible leader in the wiki. And so, I've decided to do something, as follows:

  • User: Multibrawlr will be promoted to a Bureaucrat, due to his incredible dedication and work to the wiki.
  • User: SanatanaSociety and User:Top Agent PGG jr., bot…
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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 18 November 2019

Chronic level page issues

Hello, AMS agents. I'd like to bring attention to another issue that's been plaguing the wiki for years: the organization and content of level pages. If you have opinions on the matter, feel free to leave a comment!

I'll break the issue into those two parts: the organization and the content itself:

Currently, each stage is organized under an umbrella category called "Levels". There are then subcategories:

  • "Chapters" for the HOD series and Vampire Night (the latter has not been added yet)
  • "Episodes" for Zombie Revenge
  • "Movies" for Overkill (not added yet). This term was used in the iOS port. However, I'm unsure if it was used in Overkill's console ports because I haven't played them yet.

These subcategories existed to make things more specific and orga…

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SanatanaSociety SanatanaSociety 30 October 2019

Venice Final Decision

A big decision was made just earlier today.

Me and Multibrawlr have officially decided that since there is so substantial evidence for The House of the Dead 2' taking place in Venice, and instead is based inside a fictional one that was derivative rather than exact, we are changing anything that says "Venice, Italy" to "unnamed/unknown city" or "unnamed, Venetian-inspired city."

We would love the extra help. So many articles and pages are littered with this erroneous assumption that we're not sure how long it could take us to completely remove it.

We appreciate all your contributions to making this a great wiki.


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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 29 October 2019

Venice or not Venice?

Hello, AMS agents,

Just wanted to post about an issue. If you'd like to comment on the matter, please do so.

Many pages here claim The House of the Dead 2's setting is Venice, Italy. Although there is a clear resemblance (an archived website even describes it as "Venetian" in appearance), not once is the city outright confirmed as Venice, either in-game or in print media; it's kept vague.

This opens the possibility that the city is not Venice per se, but rather an unrelated city that is inspired by Venice.

This leads to the question: should we remove all mentions of Venice, Italy if there's no concrete confirmation about the setting? Should we word things differently? Should we leave this be? 

I'd love to hear some feedback.



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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 10 October 2019

New interview with HOTD series director Takashi Oda

Hello, AMS agents. Check out this recent Japanese interview with The House of the Dead series director Takashi Oda:

He has some interesting things to say about the future of the series! Cheers.

- multibrawlr

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 7 October 2019

HOTD III Perfect Guide acquisition and new Discord wiki channel

Hey guys. Some news:

  • The House of the Dead Discord has a new #hotd-wiki-discussion channel. Here, you can talk about all wiki-related things, report problems, and can give feedback/ideas to improving various aspects. It's a great way to get faster responses from me and DarryLazakar. We're also now mods for the channel, and we ask that people be respectful and constructive.
  • I've purchased The House of the Dead III's Perfect Guide. It contains lore, artwork, and enemy/boss information that will be added to the wiki. However, some things will require translation. Dean3, another admin, has the guide but is inactive. I messaged him about contributing, but later decided to take action and buy my own copy, rather than wait for him to reply.

The guid…

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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 27 September 2019

HOTD 1 and 2 remaster reports (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Forever Entertainment has confirmed that they're remaking House of the Dead 1 and 2! Source:

So yeah, today is a glorious day for us AMS Agents! Stay tuned for more information. We'll keeping an eye on more info closely and will share with you guys as soon as possible.

- Darryl

Hello AMS agents,

Me and Darryl are aware of reports that Polish-based game company Forever Entertainment will remaster The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2 for the Nintendo Switch.


  • Bloody Disgusting
  • Nintendo Direct

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for any updates. However, to be safe... please do not update the wiki with information regarding these remasters until there is official co…

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 24 September 2019

Big Changes is Coming!

Hello my AMS friends, Darryl here. It's been a while.

First of all I want to thank everyone who have contributed to the wiki. Thank you so much.

Now for the big news: Please welcome User: Dino crisis fan as our new administrator! He's a administrator for the Vampire Night wiki, and now he has joined us!

Speaking of Vampire Night, we administrators have made a decision to bring new content to the wiki. From now on, you'll see two new games in the wiki: Vampire Night, and Sega Golden Gun! This comes from a decision to include games that are influenced by House of the Dead, or that the HotD developers were involved in a certain game.

  • For Vampire Night, it's because the developers of HotD were involved in the game.
  • For Sega Golden Gun, it's because…
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Multibrawlr Multibrawlr 22 July 2019

Another administrator joins!

Please welcome our newest administrator: Kori-Maru! Kori is an avid member of the SEGA community and writes for the SEGAbits news blog . He runs The Website of the Dead , the unofficial House of the Dead fansite. He's found and shared lots of concept art as well!

Kori operates a House of the Dead Discord. We have used a Discord widget to link his Discord directly to the wiki, so that more people who love House of the Dead may be aware of the only House of the Dead group out there.

Welcome, Kori!

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 22 May 2019

Meet your new administrator!

Hello, my AMS friends. It's Darryl.

After a long and hard time of thinking. I have appointed User:Multibrawlr as our secondary administrator!

This decision is made due to his constant activity on the wiki, as well as his contributions during his time as a "Content Moderator". I also believe that I myself need someone to take control while I'm gone since I'm getting abit busy.

So if you have questions or feedback, don't afraid to ask Multibrawlr!

That's all for now. More improvements to the wiki will come very soon!

DarryLazakar (talk) 17:21, May 22, 2019 (UTC)

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 30 March 2019

About: Future

Hello my AMS friends.

As of right now, recovering and improving the wiki is still undergoing. But we need you help. Help us by filling the following survey. The results will affect the future of the wiki.

As always thank you for participating. For now, I bid you farewell.

- Darryl

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 22 February 2019

Say hello to a new moderator!

Greetings my AMS friends. Darryl here.

Just a short announcement: starting today, I appoint User: Multibrawlr as our new "Content Moderator"! As a Content Moderator, he will have the ability to delete/undelete pages and files, as well protect/unprotect pages. If you have any questions, you can now ask Multibrawlr too!

This decision is made based on Multibrawlr's massive contributions to the wiki. Do you want to be a "Content Moderator" too? Be sure to contribute to the wiki and make all the great changes. Who knows, I will entrust you with such powers too!

More changes and updates are coming very soon! Stay tuned!

DarryLazakar (talk) 15:13, February 22, 2019 (UTC)

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 1 February 2019

Update: 1/02/2019

Hello my AMS friends, Darryl here.

Me and a couple of our contributors have made changes to the wiki. Here are some of the changes

1. You may have noticed that the logo and the name of the wiki has changed. Special thanks to Egregiousguy, who helped me create our new logo. By the way, Egregiousguy is also a data miner, decrypting lots of stuff from the arcade version of the games. He recently decrypt and present a TON of models and stage layouts for The House of the Dead 4, ranging from character models, stage layouts, boss models and enemy models. So again, huge thanks to Egregoiusguy for helping us out!

2. User: Multibrawlr has made major changes for the wiki, from making navboxes for HotD4 Special and SD respectively, adding quotation temp…

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 29 January 2019

About: We need YOUR help!

Greetings my AMS friends.

As part of making changes to the wiki, I have teaming up with User:Multibrawlr to help us in making the wiki even better.

But we have encountered a small problem that we need YOUR opinion to resolve it.

So please help us by fill this simple poll so we can make the changes

As always, thank you for your attention and be seeing you soon, my AMS friends.

DarryLazakar (talk) 17:14, January 29, 2019 (UTC)

Wanna talk about the series? Enter this link and be part of the AMS! Discord:

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 25 January 2019

About: A new Beginning

Hello my AMS friends.

I am proud to announce that I has accepted the offer as the new administrator for the wiki. As for the previous admin, Dean3, he will stay as an administrator, though due to personal reasons he might not be able to help much.

And now with a new leadership, it's time to continue fixing and updating the wiki. Setbacks will happen and difficulties will be encountered, but slowly but surely we can fix it all.

It's time to make the wiki great again!

DarryLazakar (talk) 18:18, January 25, 2019 (UTC)

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 25 January 2019

About: Administrator changes

Hello, everyone, it's Darryl

I just want to tell you all that I am now pursuing to be the wiki's new administrator. The current administrator, Dean, couldn't fulfill his tasks as administrator due to being busy in real life and has given me his blessings.

As a part of my administrator status campaign, here are some things I want to do for the wiki, appearance wise and content wise:

1. I will remove any unnecessary categories and pages. Stub pages will be removed completely and the category pages will be reworked.

2. I will change the overall look of the wiki (not sure if an admin could do so, but hopefully we can)

3. We will start cleaning up the mess that is the List of Zombies page, in particular HotD3 and 4 sections.

4. Duplicate pictures wil…

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 11 October 2018

New Scarlet Dawn concept arts and initial builds discovered.

Hello my AMS friends. We got some sweet sweet information today!

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn has appeared in multiple D&B locations. So if you're nearby one, you're probably in luck!

But wait! There is more!

Thanks to our member in Discord, luffytam, we've discovered an article full with behind thee scenes production of the game, concept arts and much more! The article is in Japanese so you might need Google Translate to understand it. Also, prepare for a bit of disappointment if you read the article.

That's all for today, folks. Farewell my AMS friends.

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 17 September 2018

NEWS FLASH! House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn western release date info!

Hello my AMS friends. This is a quick update on HotD: Scarlet Dawn western release date.

It's confirmed

November 11th is the official release date of HotD: Scarlet Dawn in the US/EU!

This doesn't mean that D&B will get their hands on the game on that date. They still got the game earlier.

That's all for today, friends. See you next time I'll keep you guys posted

Darryl --DarryLazakar (talk) 18:33, September 17, 2018 (UTC)

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DarryLazakar DarryLazakar 13 September 2018

More Info on HotD: SD

Hello my AMS friends.

Today is the big day! House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is officially released in Japan!

For starters, the website has been massively updated, featuring story synopsis, characters, zombies and bosses (of all things?). Be sure to check to see it! However keep in mind that this only available at desktop/PC, as using the Android version does absolutely nothing.

Also, massive spoilers in the site as it's essentially a "mini guidebook"

In addition, our AMS friend SpeedBeatz has begin recording of his improved run, featuring Kate Green! Stay tuned for more details.

Also if you want to join our Discord channel, just use this link and we welcome you to AMS!

I'll keep you guys posted

- Dar…

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