Brutus is the second to last Boss on House of the Dead: Overkill.


He was originally one out of two convicts who were both charged for countless crimes (including one instance of eating a little boy's puppy) before being killed on the electric chair six months ago and then "tinkered on" by Clement. The two shared the same mutant appearance; big and fat, covered in tattoos, wearing a black skin-tight mask on their heads (very similar to that of the second game's boss Strength), and with a multi-dagger crossbow-like launcher on their handless right arms. Clement originally sent them both to attack G and Washington, but for some reason Brutus attacked his fellow inmate and killed him, leaving himself alone to take care of the two agents.

During Battle

Brutus's main form of attack is to shoot the crossbows from his arm at the player(s). These must be shot to avoid damage. Unlike other projectiles, they don't always move in a straight path and are easiest to stop when initially fired. At the same time, his weakpoint is the same "hand" firing the crossbows.

At certain points during the battle, you must also fight a small group of shielded police-like mutants who can be difficult to hit. If a grenade is available, throwing it is the easiest way to dispense of these monsters.

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