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Caleb Goldman's headquarters, also referred to as Goldman's Headquarters,[1] the Goldman Headquarters,[2] and the Goldman Building,[3] is an opulent high-rise building that served as the managerial and administrative center for Caleb Goldman's financial conglomerate, as well as his personal office.[2] It appears in the final two levels of The House of the Dead 2 and 4.

Located at Point A0063 and connected to a city square via a bridge, the building produced hostile biologically-engineered creatures as part of Goldman's plan to regulate the human population. This caused two incidents in 2000 and 2003 which were investigated by the American government organization AMS.


Caleb Goldman, the owner of the building, led an "imminent" financial group and was an expert of the Genome Theory.[4][5] Disdainful of humanity's self-destructive tenancies and abuse of nature, he sought regulating mankind to its "natural state".[6][7][8]

Goldman overseeing Emperor's development.

After funding the experiments of genetic engineer Dr. Curien, whose production of hostile creatures lead to the 1998 Curien Mansion case, Goldman continued making more creatures at the building to achieve his goal.[5]

Two new creations included Emperor, a being meant to rule over humanity, and the World, an icy humanoid that was Emperor's successor. Emperor was developed within the building, while the World matured beneath the building courtyard.

2000 incident

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On February 26, 2000, Goldman unleashed numerous creatures upon an unnamed city. He remained at his headquarters, observing Emperor's development while AMS agents dispatched the threat. Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart eventually drove to Point A0063 to confront Goldman. Magician, Curien's "masterpiece" who was resurrected by Goldman, crashed from a window of the building and fought James and Gary in the courtyard.

Goldman calmly awaited the agents in his office; upon their entrance, he released Emperor from incubation. After Emperor was destroyed, Goldman stated that a "successor" will come. He then committed suicide by leaning backwards over the top of his headquarters, falling to his death.

2003 incident

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In 2003, Goldman's plan posthumously continued with more creatures laying waste to society. These efforts would culminate in a nuclear missile launch to dwindle humanity's numbers. After receiving a message from Goldman on his PDA that confirmed his involvement, James traveled to the building again with new agent Kate Green. They defeated a levitating creature named the Star in the building's entrance, with James injured after its explosion.

The two fought to Goldman's office and disabled the launch. In a message on his computer, Goldman revealed his motivations and stated that he cannot stop the opening of "Pandora's Box". The building's courtyard opened as the World emerged and battled James and Kate. Realizing that the creature would not stop growing, James set his PDA to self destruct, sacrificing himself in the explosion to destroy the World.

Sometime after these events, AMS agent G visited the courtyard and told a fallen James to "rest", vowing to continue fighting against the infestation.


Caleb Goldman's headquarters is stationed on a small island located off the coast of an unnamed, European-like city, and can only be accessed via a bridge. The bridge has many "Checkpoints" or structures on each segment, though none are explored. In The House of the Dead 2, Hierophant is fought in front of one of them. While in The House of the Dead 4, a creature driving a car crashes and falls down a hole the boss made.Once inside the complex, the tower itself is extensive, and there are a number of paths, labs, and corridors, including a bridge near the top that connects specifically to the CEO office.


The front yard is where there are four creatures before encountering Magician once again. In The House of the Dead 4, the battle sequence is skipped, and the players go straight into the lobby of the building. The yard is also the place where Goldman's legacy, the World, is fought at the end of 4.


This notable and familiar location is the entrance to the Headquarters. The number of floors that exist between The House of the Dead 2 and 4 remains the same, though there are several aesthetic changes between the two, such as the latter being lit up on the inside due to it being night outside. This is where the battle with the Star takes place in 4.

49th Floor (HOD4 only)

The first corridor is infested with Lances, Franklins, and Erics. As the player moves on, the next corridor appears to have a more oriental Japanese theme, as evidenced by the doors and the blossom on a wall. This makes the Headquarters look more like a castle than an office.

50th Floor (HOD2 only)

This is where Goldman's office is located. It is infested with various creatures armed with pulse laser swords or steel boomerangs. Defeat them to advance to the clone lab where the second fight with Tower takes place. The last corridor in this floor has a more futuristic theme in keeping with the creatures' themes.

Final bridge/staircase

Once beating the Tower (only in 2) and all the zombies surrounding it, you will come up on a small bridge that hangs over the lobby, which connects to the center and above it is the CEO Atrium. Not a single creature is encountered here.

CEO Atrium/Office

CEO Office with Goldman.

The Atrium is the final room before the CEO office where Goldman resides. It has two massive metal pillars decorating around the room and framing the main door. Goldman's office, is a large room with a singular window, there is not much else other than his desk, and the floor design is relatively, if not the same design from the Courtyard. It is revealed in The House of the Dead 4 that a computer is concealed in the desk. The roof of the main office is where Goldman reveals his creation, Emperor, in The House of the Dead 2.


The House of the Dead 2

Official artwork


The House of the Dead 4



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