"Nothing can erase my pain."
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Candi Stryper is a playable character seen only in the two extra levels featured in The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut.


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She was the lover of Jasper Guns and co-worker of Varla Guns at the Pink Pussycat strip club. After Varla informs her of Jasper's death, Candi accompanies her through Bayou City in search of her motorcycle. Fighting their way to the biker bar on the other side of town, they face a pair of mutated strippers whom they once worked with known as Coco and Sindy.

Once Varla retrieves her keys from Sindy's gut, she drives Candi a safe distance from town to allow her to escape, before driving off to find Agent G and Detective Isaac Washington at the hospital.

Later, after abandoning the protagonists at the carnival, Varla encounters Candi again, attempting to hitchhike back into town to retrieve Jasper's voice box which she left at the club by mistake.

Once again, Varla attempts to get Candi away from the outbreak, but when the pair discover Papa Caesar at a meat processing factory, they divert their attention to taking him down. In the end, they have a face off with Meat Katie, a female mutant dressed like a Minotaur with a giant meat cleaver. They defeat her by knocking her back into a grinder, at the same time her cleaver is thrown into the air and lands across two supports. Unfortunately, they do not hold it in place for long and it falls, cutting Candi's arm clean off. She dies of blood loss in Varla's arms, seeing visions of Jasper coming down from Heaven on a stair lift to greet her.

She is seen with a leg-brace on her right leg, which possibly came from a leg injury prior to the game's time frame. She is also shown to be a typical dumb blonde character who is very unintelligent, yet also shows kindness and affection towards people she holds close.


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