Caroline (カロリーヌ Karorīnu?) is a young pre-teen girl from a small village. She is a supporting character in Vampire Night, a 2000 spiritual successor to the House of the Dead series.

Appearing to be the only survivor after her village was ravaged by vampires, Caroline was protected by vampire hunters Michel and Albert, allowing her to face the perils which lay ahead. Her traumatic childhood experiences ultimately "aged" her before her years.


The peace in the small village was shattered by an ancient, cruel evil. Fearing for their lives, the only thing the villagers could do was run away. Unfortunately, they were run down and brutally slain. One girl manage to escape, but became separated from her parents. Believing they may still be alive, she headed towards the castle...

Caroline was born in a rural village located in France, living a peaceful life with her parents. Unbeknownst to her or any of the villagers that an ancient evil lies underneath their home and would change their lives forever.

The vampire Auguste had awaken from his long slumber and his vampire servants have overrun the village, brutally slaying those in their path. Separated from her parents in the ensuing chaos, Caroline managed to escape to the outskirts of the village, only to be chased down by villagers manipulated by the vampire sacroma.

Caroline spotted a couple of strangers to whom she pleaded for help. The strangers were able to free the villagers, introducing themselves as vampire hunters. Believing that her parents may still be alive, Caroline decided to follow the hunters on their mission to slay Auguste and his minions.


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