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Chapter 2 is the second unnamed level of The House of the Dead 4 Special.


AMS agents Kate Green and G venture into an unidentified building, with the latter urging that they must hurry to stop "him". As they enter, the building's level 4 security system activates. The agents fight through a facility where creatures are grown in incubation tanks and farming pools; Kate notes that they appear to be defending something.

The pair take an elevator to a massive room where Magician, a humanoid previously fought twice by the AMS, emerges from his incubation tank. He welcomes the agents and seeks revenge for the pain he has endured.

Kate and G ultimately defeat Magician, who summons a box-shaped device in front of him. This triggers a quick time event, during which the player must aim and throw a grenade at the box to destroy it. There are two endings based on the player's performance.

  1. Failure: Magician activates the device, laughing as several clones of him to appear.
  2. Success: The box explodes, mortally wounding Magician. He says "Nothing can erase my pain" and explodes. Kate and G leave the facility, with the latter stating that "the fight is about to begin".
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