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Type-27, codenamed "Chariot" (チャリオット Chariotto?), was an armored, bardiche-wielding behemoth. Originally created by Dr. Curien, he[1] was later resurrected by Curien's associate Thornheart. He is the first boss in The House of the Dead, and later returns in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Chariot's raw flesh is vulnerable to bullets, but is protected by impervious armor. In the original game, his weak point is an exposed part of his breastplate; in Scarlet Dawn, the armor must be blasted off with an RPG.



Like all the other creatures unleashed by Curien, Chariot was incubated within the BioReactor, a DNA-sequencing editor, before being unleashed upon the AMS agents. Alongside Hangedman, Hermit, and Magician, Chariot was considered a "perfect" creation.

1998 Curien Mansion incident

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On December 18, 1998, when Curien unleashed his creations upon fellow researchers, AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" stormed Curien's mansion. They found Rogan's fianceé, Sophie, who was flown away by Hangedman; when the agents later found Sophie inside, Chariot dropped through a ceiling window and seemingly killed her. The agents defeated him, with Rogan swearing revenge.

Chariot was later encountered (and defeated) again in Curien's underground laboratory.

2006 Scarecrow Manor incident

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On December 6, 2006, Thornheart - who was connected to Curien - resurrected the Chariot to roam the ground floor and prison of Scarecrow Manor. This was part of "Noah's Ark", Thornheart's effort to decimate humanity in a completion of Curien and Caleb Goldman's legacy.

Chariot first appears in the prologue chapter, hurling creatures at agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor. While fighting in the manor's prison and research room, Kate and Ryan damaged Chariot with RPGs, destroying sections of his armor. Upon defeat, he shed his armor and fell to the ground; its bardiche fell upon his neck.

Bestiary Overview

In both appearances, Chariot is a hulking, gas-masked humanoid clad in a suit of metallic armor. He maims his opponents with a bloodied bardiche.

In the original House of the Dead, Chariot's weak point is the exposed right side of his breastplate; with each shot, he vomits green fluids. At low heath, Chariot sheds the armor to reveal his true form: a slow-moving, weak, rotting humanoid with pulsating tendrils. Chunks of his flesh may be blasted down to bone, thus killing Chariot.

In Scarlet Dawn, Chariot is larger and sports coolant metal armor. His skin glows red and emits steam. When the battle begins, Chariot's exposed joints are his weak points. The players eventually gain an RPG; the rocket strips the armor on whatever part of Chariot's body it hits, and this becomes his weakpoint until he is killed.



Chariot's difficulty and behavior varies in both of his appearances:

In The House of the Dead, Chariot is a quick and easy boss for players who can keep the crosshair on his weak point. He lacks projectiles and only attacks with melee hits at close range. He begins the fight fully-armored; after sustaining enough damage, the armor breaks apart to reveal Chariot's bare flesh. At this point, he is fully exposed to damage and can be quickly killed. He is fought again in the fourth chapter, but his behavior does not change.

In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Chariot boasts increased protection and resilience, chasing players through a scripted series of phases. He once more starts off as fully-armored, except that the portion of his breastplate is no longer exposed. Instead, Chariot must be stopped by shooting his left arm, and the player must also avoid flying debris sent at them. Eventually, an RPG is provided to shoot Chariot. Depending on where the rocket lands, a portion of his armor is broken off, with the exposed portion serving as the weak point for the remainder of the fight.

The House of the Dead


  1. Chariot slowly approaches the player. When near, he will randomly perform a quick vertical slash or a horizontal slash with longer startup time. Shooting Chariot's weak point 5 times ends this phase.
  2. Chariot couches down and tenses up before stomping towards the player--this time faster than before. At close range, he will perform one of the two attacks listed above. Shooting Chariot's weak point 5 times ends this phase.
  3. Chariot sheds his armor, exposing his flesh. He will approach the player for a punch. Each part of his body can be blasted down to bone; once the skeletal framework is visible, it cannot be shot again.


  • Chariot's refight in the fourth chapter has a bug: shooting him enough times may push him through the wall, making it difficult to visibly see his weak point.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn


  1. Chariot stomps forward while carrying a dead civilian, aiming to bludgeon players with him. Chariot's joints must be shot to stop this attack.
  2. Chariot grabs either Kate or Ryan, holding them briefly before slamming them down onto the other partner; as with before, his arm must be shot enough times to end the phase successfully. In multiplayer, Chariot will randomly grab either the first or second player, requiring the other player to save their partner.
  3. As the player advances backward, Chariot first smashes a desk on the right side of the screen, followed by a pillar on the left. This sends rubble flying at the player from each respective side.
  4. The player earns an RPG. They must shoot Chariot anywhere on his body to avoid damage. The RPG has unlimited ammo, but reloads on a cooldown if the rocket misses. Chariot's head, both sides of his chest, and both legs can be hit. When the rocket lands, it destroys the respective portion of Chariot's armor. This serves as the weak point for the next phases.
  5. Chariot, enraged, steps forward and attempts smashing a civilian into the player.
  6. Chariot chases the players before performing an overhead slash attack.
  7. Chariot walks past several pillars -- which block the player's view of him -- before smashing a pillar into the players.
  8. Phase 6 is repeated. If Chariot still has health left, he will repeat this phase until he is killed.


  • The RPG rocket phase impacts the fight significantly. Shooting his head is the hardest but makes phases 5 and 7 having the lowest difficulty. Shooting the right side of the chest is the easiest but makes phases 5 and 7 having the highest difficulty. Shooting any of the remaining parts is of normal difficulty as does the subsequent phases.
  • Sub weapons are helpful during phases 5 and 7, which require high accuracy in order to stop the attacks in time.


  • In the prototype arcade build for The House of the Dead, Chariot was named "Bacchus".
  • Chariot appears in a montage sequence during the intro of The House of the Dead III.
  • Chariot is the only boss from the first game missing from The House of the Dead 2's flashback intro on console ports.
  • Whenever Chariot's armor is shed in The House of the Dead, his flesh has been shown as either a green or red color depending on which version of the game being playing, corresponding to the color of blood being used.
    • Contrary to popular belief, the color of the fluids Chariot vomits while being shot at do not change color depending on the version played, and are green in every version.
  • During Chariot's second encounter in The House of the Dead, there is a glitch if the player shoots his weak point midair before the battle begins. Chariot will take the hit, then walk above the player and endlessly behind them. This will soft lock the game, requiring a restart.
  • Chariot from House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is the first boss in the series where his weakpoints have a different designation other than the final bosses, labelled as "Protected" in Kate's PDA. This is because his entire body is armored.


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  1. In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Kate Green and Ryan Taylor use male pronouns when referring to Chariot.
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