Type-27, codenamed "The Chariot" (チャリオット), was the first boss to be fought in The House of the Dead. The Chariot was a large armored humanoid wielding a bloodied bardiche and donning a suit of metal armor. With its bardiche, it strikes at Sophie (Rogan's fianceé), wounding her. When weakened sufficiently, the Chariot's armor fell off, revealing raw red flesh underneath. In a last ditch attempt to kill the agents, the Chariot attacked in this form, but was easily gunned down.

The Chariot is unique amongst the bosses in this game because of the fact that it is indeed very weak without its armor. Most, if not all, of the other bosses are relatively resistant to bullets when they are fired at their bare skin. Without its armor, Type 27 is barely stronger than a chainsaw-wielding zombie, making it one of the weakest bosses in the entire series. (Note, however, that as the Chariot's unarmored body took damage and its flesh was stripped away, it revealed an impervious skeleton, only collapsing after nearly every scrap of flesh had been torn apart.)

A similar mutation, named Kuarl, is fought in House of the Dead 2 as part of Judgment. However, unlike Type 27, Kuarl is completely encased in armor from headless neck to toe, and it doesn't shed its armor at all.

The House of the Dead III

Chariot appears in a montage sequence during the intro of The House of the Dead III

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

Chariot's new weakpoints

Chariot has been revealed to be a boss in the upcoming House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, resurrected and tasked by Thornheart to roam the ground floor and prison area of the Scarecrow Mansion. He received a major upgrade, having armor in almost every part of his body. His weak point are his glowing joints which are not protected by armor and for the first part of the fight he's nearly invincible for all attacks. However once the player received an RPG and hits The Chariot once, a part of his armor breaks, revealing more of his exposed glowing body, which is his weak point, most notably its armpit.

Bestiary Overview

Chariot is an undead humanoid clad with a suit of metallic armor that covered his entire body. His head is covered with a gas mask-type coverage allowing it to breath. The armor itself is strong enough to protect the figure but must have been damaged when gunfire is impacted on it. The reason of his armor outfit use is because it's flesh isn't strong enough to withstand ammunition which explains the red scar on it's right breastplate is it's weakness and why he vomits green fluids when bullets penetrate through. Aside from the suit of armor, he carries a bardiche as a weapon to defend itself.

In its Scarlet Dawn iteration, Chariot has a similar form, but a much larger profile. Its weak point's also changed from its chest to its joints.


  • The Chariot is the only boss from the first game not to be featured in The House of the Dead 2's flashback.
  • Whenever the Chariot's armor is shed, its flesh has been shown as either a green or red color depending on which version of the game you are playing. According to fans (citation needed), the later versions introduced the green skin, because the red skinned Chariot was thought to resemble a "normal zombie" too much.


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