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The city is an unnamed large town with a distinct Italian influence. It is the primary setting of The House of the Dead 2 and its spin-off titles.

The city has two contrasting areas connected via a bridge: a canal-laden town with old architecture, and an opulent city square. In 2000, it was the site of an incident involving biologically-engineered creatures, which led to response from the AMS government agency.

While the city resembles Venice, Italy, and some sign textures are from real locations in Venice, developer Sega AM1 has not confirmed if they intended Venice to be The House of the Dead 2's geographic location. Furthermore, character dialogue and print media identify the location as a generic "city", rather than Venice specifically.


The city has been described as Venetian[1] and reminiscent of the Middle Ages.[2] On February 26th, 2000, it was overrun with biologically-engineered creatures produced by Caleb Goldman, the head of a financial group.

The AMS government agency sent agents James Taylor, Gary Stewart, Amy Crystal, Harry Harris, Thomas Rogan, and G to evacuate civilians and dispatch the threat. James and Gary ultimately stormed Goldman's headquarters in the high-tech city square, defeating Goldman's creation named Emperor.

Notable landmarks




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