The Crawler is the boss for the Scream Train level of The House of the Dead: Overkill. It is the fourth boss of the game. While having a distinctly insect-like appearance, it is obvious that it was made from a human base. It has developed double joints on each limb, allowing it to perform several acrobatic feats. Its hands have fused into two large talons, capable of slicing through steel. However, these talons are also its weakpoints, possibly housing sensitive nerve endings.


In Creeping Flesh (Extended Cut) the Crawler is seen in a big pipe, apparently it was loose and ate some cows in the slaughter house. At several points throughout the level, Crawler is seen running and attacking from above the train.


First Encounter

Before the actual boss battle, at one point Crawler rips off the roof of a train car and you must fight. After a few shots to his weakpoints, he is temporarily blown away.


First, Crawler will attack by hanging on to the sides of the train and attempt to slash at you. To stop him, you must shoot his attacking claw. This will cause him to momentarily fall off the train.

After this is repeated enough times, Crawler will jump over G and Washington onto the train. At this point, you must shoot Crawler in the face.

After the Battle

After Crawler is defeated, he falls in front of the moving train as G and Washington watch, to which Washington responds by saying it's "icky" and reveals his dislike towards bugs.

Differences in the extended cut

We note that in the extended cut version the battle scene has the clearest sky and the trees are greener and notice that the crawler's eyes are green. in the original version of Crawler weak point are the claws and head, but in the extended cut version, they changed it for the eyes.

These are movements in the version exclusive extended cut:

-Surprise Attack: stands next to the player, and attacks with its claws if you shoot in time, this movement appears after the original attack.

-Pus balls: it gets away from the player and spit balls of pus into the sky avoiding disparandoles.Este movement is original attacks after two and two surprise attacks

-Hyper claw: Crawler away and jump in front of the player to attack, to avoid attack is to shoot the targets, to avoid this attack, the giver crawler claws stuck, so to be seized for movement atacarle.este is done after the pus balls.

-Final attack: This attack is done when health is low crawler and gets behind the player, we note that unlike the original version of the crawler attack is faster and protects it with his claws, anyway, when you lose half of the poor health that is, exploits his right eye, losing his life exploits his other eye.

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