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Type A-3, named Cyril (シリル, Shiriru?), is a male humanoid creature who dual wields axes. He is an enemy in The House of the Dead, its 2021 remake, and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

In both of his major appearances, Cyril is capable of short and long-range combat. His weak point is his head, like other humanoid creatures.

The first of several ax-wielding creatures in the mainline House of the Dead series, Cyril is prominently featured in artwork from the original game. He has also appeared in spin-off games and other media.


1998 Curien Mansion incident

Main article: The House of the Dead (1996 video game)

Cyril was originally created and cloned by the late Dr. Curien, then research director of the DBR Corporation, who turned homicidal and released the creatures in his mansion to destroy humanity on December 18th, 1998. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G neutralized the threat.[2]


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Eight years later, Cyril was among several of Curien's creatures reproduced by the research director's associate, Thornheart, as part of a plan named "Noah's Ark". Clones of Cyril were released upon guests of a dinner party at Thornheart's estate, Scarecrow Manor, on December 6th, 2006. AMS agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor responded to the threat.[3]


Cyril's appearance differs among the various versions of The House of the Dead, though his behavior is unchanged.

On the arcade version, Cyril wears a light-brown shirt, which is partially ripped open to expose his bony chest. The cuffs of his pant legs are tattered. One of his eye sockets is blank white, while the other being empty and spilling green slime-like fluids over the left side of his face. His skin is light-blue, with his head being bald in the front and having brown hair in the back.

On the Sega Saturn and PC ports, Cyril's character model is noticeably less detailed. His skin is clammier, and his mouth and left cheek are smeared with blood.


Cyril slashes with his axes at close range or throws them from afar. Any thrown axes can be deflected if shot. In The House of the Dead, he will retreat if both axes are thrown and he cannot reach the player to bite them.[1][excerpt 1]

In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Cyril protects himself by crossing the axes over his upper body. His head is exposed briefly during his attack animation or if the player shoots his legs, which causes him to stagger. Among large groups of creatures, he is dangerous because his axes may shield other enemies in addition to himself.


  • Outside of The House of The Dead, an eyeless version of Cyril also appears on the game's arcade flyer, cabinet artwork, and the Sega Saturn and PC ports' front covers and title screens.
  • Cyril makes cameo appearances in the 2012 animated Walt Disney Studios film Wreck-It Ralph and its sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, although this version of him is visually toned down to better fit with the family-friendly nature of the films. He is also not identified by name or game.


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  1. Excerpt from The House of the Dead Dennou Shinan: Dr. Curien no Houkoku Sho, p.11:
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