The DBR Corporation was an organization that conducted genetic research and experimentation. Its projects were overseen by research directer Dr. Curien, with financial backing provided by Caleb Goldman.

DBR became infamous for Curien's production and usage of hostile creatures to mastermind a 1998 incident; this lead to an investigation by the AMS.


The company's namesake came from Dr. Curien's research, dubbed the BioReactor project.

After learning of Dr. Curien's research to remove the barrier between life and death, Goldman took interest in the doctor's research and funded the corporation, hiring Curien as its research director and providing the latter with a team of researchers. Through his research, Curien produced dozens of creatures as well as several unique mutants, the latter the Doctor would refer to as "perfect creations".

Due to the inhumane nature of the project, most of DBR's researchers began to abandon Curien, and the doctor himself was eventually driven to the brink of madness.

Curien then began to use DBR Corp's personnel as test subjects, raising the suspicions of the AMS, who had been observing his activities for some time. On December 18, 1998, he unleashed them in his own mansion where they began to roam and kill off his own researchers, prompting one of the survivors, Sophie Richards, to call for help. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G arrived and the creatures were repelled from escaping the mansion grounds.

Curien was killed by his own creation, Magician Type-0, who in turn was destroyed by the agents. It is unknown what became of DBR Corp after the Curien Mansion incident, though the EFI Research Facility included an area dubbed the "DBR Institute", indicating that the company may have had a role in some of the facility's experiments.

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