The DBR (DNA Bio Reacter) Corporation was a world renowned pharmaceutical company owned by Caleb Goldman.

One of its researchers Dr. Roy Curien had been obsessed with discovering the very nature of life and death. Goldman secretly approved of Curien's inhuman research project and provided him with fundings to support his research. Through his research, Curien was able to reanimate the dead and created dozens of zombies as well as mutations. On December 18, 1998, he unleashed them in his own mansion where they began to roam and kill off his own researchers, prompting one of the survivors, Sophie Richards, to call for help. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G arrived and the creatures were repelled from escaping the mansion grounds. Curien was killed by his own creation The Magician, who in turn was destroyed by the agents.

Shortly after their departure, Goldman took what was left of Curien's research and created his own army of undead and mutations. On February, 2000, Goldman unleashed his creations in Venice, Italy where his company's HQ was located. AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart were able to defeat the undead hordes and Goldman's mutations. The agents confronted Goldman in his HQ and faced off against his own masterpiece The Emperor. After the Emperor's defeat, Goldman commited suicide by jumping off the building, and the DBR Corporation was later disbanded.

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