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Dan after checking his radio.[src]

Dan Taylor (ダン・テイラー Dan Teirā?) was a member of Thomas Rogan's secret division, serving as Rogan's second-in-command. He is a supporting character in The House of the Dead III, and is playable only in the prologue chapter.


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In 2019, civilization collapsed due to incidents involving biologically-engineered creatures, and the American government organization AMS dissolved. In response, former top agent Thomas Rogan formed a secret division of survivors to fight for mankind. Dan Taylor was brought in for his tactical expertise.

After receiving word that the EFI Research Facility was the source of the apocalypse, Dan, Rogan, Yukio, and other fellow military commandos infiltrated it. Most of the team was killed during the mission, leaving Dan and Rogan as the only survivors. Dan was ultimately ambushed and killed by Death, a behemoth dressed as a security guard, while Rogan was injured.


  • Dan is the first controllable character to be killed in the series.
  • When Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien enter Wheel of Fate's laboratory, Dan's body has inexplicably vanished. This is unlike Yukio, who is reanimated after being bitten by creatures and serves as a sub-boss.


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