Dan Taylor was a member of Thomas Rogan's elite commandos, promoted to captain and hence lead the crack team; he is also the second player-controlled character in the first level of The House of the Dead III. During the team's mission in a DBR facility, Taylor and Rogan were the only survivors. They managed to arrive at Dr. Roy Curien's experimental resurrection chamber, but were ambushed by Death. Taylor was knocked out and and Rogan was injured. He was the younger cousin of James (a protagonist in The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead 4).


  • If Taylor was indeed killed by Death's strike, this makes him the first controllable character to be killed during the course of gameplay.
  • Dan Taylor is James Taylor's cousin.
  • His body was not seen anywhere during the boss fight with the Wheel of Fate, however, Casey reanimated as a zombie instead and serves as sub-boss.
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