It's been a while, hasn't it? My friends from the AMS... it's me, Goldman.

Caleb Goldman[src]
Darkness is the third chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart travel through the city canals on a boat piloted by partner Harry Harris. Harry explains that Caleb Goldman, the head of a financial group, masterminded the 1998 Curien Mansion incident and used his knowledge of the Genome Theory for his own purposes.

After killing more creatures and rescuing civilians, agent Amy Crystal receives a phone call from Goldman; he tells them to meet him at the coliseum, which is located in the north side of the city. Harry, who believes this to be a trap, says that they should proceed. Upon reaching an underground passage, Harry orders James and Gary to disembark and proceed this way while he and Amy take the boat toward the coliseum.

James and Gary encounter a panicked man running towards them, saying that his friends were "down there", and how he urged them not to go forward. Heeding his warning, the agents continue forward as another fleeing man is dragged off by a massive reptilian head. They discover a massive hydra-like creature known as Tower clutching the body of the man and many others in their maws, before spitting them out to attack the agents.

After the four bronze heads are shot down, the blue snake escapes and makes its way into a nearby room, where the James and Gary must evade its bites and swipes of its tail. They eventually kill the beast. Upon doing so, they receive a distressed phone call from Amy, who tells them that "something terrible is happening", before screaming in panic and losing connection.


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