Our Emperor shall awaken soon. Hurry, friends.

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Dawn is the fifth chapter of The House of the Dead 2.


AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart enter a parking lot at Point A0063 and, using the keys partner Harry Harris lent them, locate a vehicle which they use to drive down from the city square to the bridge that leads to Caleb Goldman's headquarters.

While crossing the bridge, the duo encounter a resurrected Judgment, and after it following defeat, come across once again Hierophant, whom they also overcome. After defeating more hordes of dangerous creatures, the agents eventually enter the front yard of the headquarters. Upon leaving their vehicle and proceeding towards Goldman's headquarters, a reanimated Magician crashes from a window of the building and attempts to waylay the agents from proceeding forward.

The duo, after a grueling battle, eventually kill the being and make their way inside the headquarters.


  • Reunion, the fifth chapter of The House of the Dead 4, has several references to this level:
    • The story involves James and agent Kate Green driving to Goldman's headquarters while fighting creatures (including some who drive cars of their own), mirroring the events of Dawn.
    • The hole in the bridge where Hierophant emerged from is still visible.
    • The music is a remixed version of Dawn's theme. The track is named "Dawn (Remix of Year Seventh)" in 4's official album release; the "Year Seventh" alludes to the seven-year gap between the releases of (1998) and (2005).


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