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Type-0011, codenamed "Death," (デス) is a mutant juggernaut dressed as a security guard. He[1] is the first boss in The House of the Dead III, being encountered in both the second chapter and one of the next three chapters (depending on the player's choice).

Wielding a skull-studded club, Death is the one-man security force of the abandoned EFI Research Facility. He persistently stalks and attacks his targets. His weak point is his head.

Bestiary Overview

Death is a hulking, brawny pale-skinned creature in a security guard uniform. His upper body is wrapped in chains. His skull-studded club and most of his body are immune to gunfire; only his head is vulnerable. However, it can be obstructed by Death's club and parts of the environment.

Role in The House of the Dead III

In the prologue, Death injures retired AMS agent Thomas Rogan and kills commando leader Dan Taylor during their raid of the EFI building.

Two weeks later, Rogan's daughter Lisa and former partner "G" investigate Rogan's disappearance. Death bursts from the ground and chases them either through the front entrance or parking garage (the route is determined by the player). Lisa and "G" fend him off and escape.

Later, in the Information Systems Department, Lisa accidentally triggers an alarm, alerting Death. A chase ensues through a number of lengthy corridors. The agents continue to damage Death several times in the level before escaping from him, gradually losing the giant as they run into separate rooms. 

Death finds them again and resumes attacking, but the pair manage to escape yet again as they continue deeper into the building. However, the boss eventually finds them and traps them in a long corridor, preparing to finish them off once and for all. After enough headshots, Death collapses and dies.


  • The creature's way of charging at the player(s), how he crashes through walls, and the dying actions (spins around lightly then collapses) are similar to the boss Strength in the second game and the bosses Justice and Empress in the fourth game. Their heads also serve as their weak points, except Justice which is more specific, the tongue.
  • Death's head changes quite frequently throughout the battle. Upon the first few shots to his weak point, (the head), his hat will fall off. If his head is further damaged, it begins to turn orange/red, presumably with blood.
  • Death is the only boss in The House of the Dead III to be fought twice.
  • Despite the immense health of the series' final bosses, Death is perhaps the hardest to kill. He chases Lisa and G through two levels, takes possibly hundreds of shotgun rounds to the head, and is still able to pursue them with little problem.
  • Death appears in the Graveyard Gig track in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed admiring a painting on the second lap, shortly before the room with The Lovers.
  • Brutus from Treyarch's zombie map "Mob of the Dead" is somewhat similar to Death. They are both members of security, attack the protagonists with a club, are covered in chains and grey rotting skin, don't stop pursuing the characters until they drop dead and have their head as a weak point.
  • Death was seen on the front cover, behind the crowd. He also appears on the cover of Typing of The Dead, behind the zombies.



  1. Lisa Rogan and "G" use male pronouns when referring to Death.
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