For the fourth chapter of the same name in The House of the Dead 2, see Despair (The House of the Dead 2).

Increasing wars and famines, diseases of unknown origin, increasingly frequent natural disasters. Don't you find it odd? A bit coincidental? Has anyone even noticed? Must we simply sit and wait for it all to end?

Despair (絶望 zetsubō?) is the fourth chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


In his office, Caleb Goldman notes the increasing frequencies of wars, diseases, and natural disasters, wondering if humans must "simply sit and wait for [the world] to end".

Elsewhere, AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green continue on foot after their battle with the Empress in the subway system. Kate wonders if there are any survivors; James is hopeful that they evacuated. They soon emerge at an underground shopping district, fighting through hordes of creatures to the surface of a city.

Suddenly, they are waylaid by Temperance, an obese giant who is resistant to gunfire. The agents retreat to a clock tower and climb to the top, in the process defeating more creatures. Temperance attacks them a final time, but they use a lever to drop a giant clock on the monster's head, killing it.

James and Kate continue to the roof, and to their shock find the city in ruins.


The three storefront sign textures, which have Easter eggs.

  • In the underground shopping district, the storefronts have Easter eggs that are not easily seen during gameplay:
    • The boutique is named "Zombie Boutique!" and has pictures of two creatures. This contradicts The House of the Dead series director Takashi Oda's claim that the word "zombie" is never used in the series, though his awareness and opinion of the Easter egg remains unknown. The boutique's year of opening, 2005, is accompanied by a question mark; while the meaning of this is also unconfirmed, it is nonetheless a logical error because The House of the Dead 4 takes place in 2003.
    • The coffee shop is named "Fat House", with captions welcoming obese customers accompanied by silhouettes of the obese creature Charles and the stage boss Temperance.
    • The third storefront advertises "Omo's Gym". This is appears to be a reference to The House of the Dead 4 designer Norihito Omoda, whose likeness is featured on the sign.




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