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Curien in The House of the Dead's attract mode.[src]

Dr. Curien (キュリアン博士 Kyurian-hakase?) was a genetic engineer and the former research director of the DBR Corporation. Highly esteemed, he sought to scientifically control life and death to cure his terminally-ill son. His efforts produced hostile creatures, triggering staff walkouts. He became mentally unstable and released a horde of mutated creatures in his mansion, intending to kill all remaining personnel and destroy humanity altogether. These events became known as the 1998 Curien Mansion incident.

Curien is the main antagonist of The House of the Dead and is the resurrected final boss of The House of the Dead III. He has also made appearances in spin-offs and franchise-related media.



Curien (right) pictured with Caleb Goldman (left) and Thornheart (center).

Dr. Curien was born on June 11, 1947.[1] Hailing from a noble family, he lived with his son Daniel in a medieval-era mansion.[2] He was involved with an organization that was established in 1880 by his ancestors, alongside those of financial group affiliate Caleb Goldman and a mysterious man named Thornheart.[3]

Early life and research

For an unknown period of time, Curien served as research director of the DBR Corporation, inventing the BioReactor. His aggressive leadership was praised among staff, including Sophie Richards, the then fiancée of AMS agent Thomas Rogan.[2] Curien and Rogan had met several times.[4]


Dr. Curien presenting his son Daniel with genes that will cure him.

When Daniel contracted a terminal illness, Curien was willing to go to extreme measures in order to save his life.[5] His research became focused on removing the barrier between life and death.[6] Goldman provided funding.[7]

Curien's BioReactor project was conducted secretively in Curien's mansion, involving the weapons potential of artificially-generated and sustained lifeforms.[8][9] Several researchers abandoned Curien over ethical concerns.[10]

Among Curien's results were three genes - one which cured Daniel, and two more named Magician and Wheel of Fate - but by then he had lost his sanity.[6][11] Curien sought to destroy humanity and civilization.[12][13]

1998 Curien Mansion incident

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On October 17, 1998, several DBR personnel were reported missing at the Curien Mansion; because of government involvement, these news were not made public.[8] Two months later, on December 18, contact was lost with a special operatives team who investigated the mansion.[14]


Curien, after being killed by Magician.

On December 20, the AMS sent Rogan and his partner G to investigate the disappearances and a panicked phone message left by Sophie.[15] They arrived at the mansion to find it overrun by Curien's creatures, which he had deliberately released to slaughter DBR researchers. The agents battled the creatures and eventually confronted Curien in his underground laboratory. Boasting that he would never be defeated, Curien activated his "masterpiece", Magician. However, Magician refused to obey his orders and killed him, before being destroyed by the agents.[16]

These events would become known as the Curien Mansion incident, or the 1998 Curien Mansion case.[7][12]

In the years following, three similar incidents were orchestrated by individuals close to Curien: two by Goldman in 2000 and 2003,[17][18] and one Thornheart in 2006.[19]


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Curien resurrected as Wheel of Fate.

Sometime after his death, Curien was brought to the EFI Research Facility. He underwent a nineteen-year resurrection process to be reborn as Wheel of Fate. By 2019, civilization had collapsed following Goldman and Thornheart's incidents. A now-cured Daniel watched his father's transformation. Disgusted by his father's crimes, Daniel teamed with the retired AMS agents investigating the facility to stop Wheel of Fate.

Wheel of Fate, awakened prematurely after Daniel hacked its program, addressed itself as Curien and vowed to "destroy and resurrect everything"; upon defeat, he pleaded forgiveness. Daniel, refusing to recognize the being as his father, opening fire alongside Thomas Rogan's daughter Lisa and destroyed him.


At first, Curien was a dedicated father who desperately wanted to save his son's life, even if it required venturing into "forbidden territory". His discovery of the genes that would change the future of humankind, along with staff walkouts, transformed him into a homicidal sociopath. He was concerned only with mankind's destruction and Magician's completion. Curien treated Rogan and G's struggles as if they were nothing more than a game, and was boastful that he could never be defeated.

When restored as Wheel of Fate, Curien vowed to destroy and resurrect humanity. Upon defeat, he pleaded to Daniel that he needed him; Daniel destroyed the creature, proclaiming that the creature is not his father.

In The House of the Dead III's Time Attack mode, Curien encourages the player to do better and compliments them on their performance, but expresses sympathy for his dead creatures.


The House of the Dead

Curien line 2

"I must admit, I really respect your consistency. But you will never, ever defeat me! Say hello to my masterpiece!"
Curien dies

"[Falls on the ground] What happened? Why won't you follow my instructions? [Dies]"


During The House of the Dead's development, Curien had a different name; game designer Hiroyuki Taguchi has used the name "Dr. A" when referring to Curien's first iteration because Taguchi did not know how to spell the original name. Sega AM1 settled on a look that felt the most "humane", and Curien's appearance changed very little overall.[20]

In The House of the Dead III, the "Dr. A" concept art appears as a portrait in the EFI Genome Ward stage.[21]


  • A version of the character named Professor Roy Curien appears in the second loose film adaptation of the series, House of the Dead 2. He was portrayed by the late Sid Haig. Unlike the games, Curien's son is named Rudy.
  • Dr. Curien appears as the main antagonist in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX with a slightly different look where he commands his creatures to imprison Zobiko in the dungeon.
  • Curien has heterochromia, as shown in the intro behind his glasses.
  • So far, Dr. Curien's first name has never been revealed in games or print media. In the non-canonical mobile game SEGA Heroes, Curien's first name is specified as Roy.
  • Although he is stated as "American" in manuals, his genealogy bearing "noble blood" and his notable accent indicates that he is British.


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