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Dr. Roy Curien was the main antagonist of The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 3. He was a scientist who worked for the DBR Corporation. His boss, the head of the company Caleb Goldman, promised to help him save his son. He caused the 1998 Curien Mansion Case, where the events of The House of the Dead took place. He developed some sort of mutagen which turned some sort of organic matter, probably human, into an undead beast. It is unknown if the mutagen is used on living humans or on those already dead. Curien created this to cure his son Daniel Curien from some sort of disease. Although Daniel Curien was alive several years later, it would seem that his experiments created less human beasts which attacked and murdered humans. These mutants would feature in the other house of the dead games and would seem to be created by the same mutagen. Curien's last creation was Magician, a sentient beast which betrayed and murdered Curien before being destroyed by Rogan and G. Even then, in 2019, he managed to return as the Wheel of Fate and was killed again (by his own son this time) - this time for good.


Curien is depicted as being smart and mad. He hides deep within the mansion (he is first confronted at the end of the third chapter.) He uses his zombies to protect him from the agents. He shows no fear of the agents. He is very confident of himself. He might be blind, because he wears sunglasses and has a walking cane.


  • Dr. Curien's name is likely derived from that of acclaimed French physicist Hubert Curien.
  • There is a strong link between Curien and Goldman, because Harry states that Goldman was behind Curien's plans. Another strong piece of proof was in the HOTD2 intro on Dreamcast; after stock footage of a flash back from the first game and showing the death of Curien, it shows Goldman walking up to Curien's corpse. This could indicate that Goldman was the master mind behind everything and used Curien as a pawn, or the two had a partnership of some kind.
  • There is a strong possibility that Goldman was the one who revived Curien as the Wheel of Fate.
  • A portrait of Curien can be seen in THoTD 3 in the EFI Genome Ward during the start of the stage.


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