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The L2 BIO Plant and the L3 BIO Lab are two facilities within the EFI Research Facility, as well as levels in The House of the Dead III. Depending on the player's decisions, they will journey through either facility.


Upon reaching either facility, G asks Lisa Rogan if she is getting along with her father. Lisa states that he has always put work ahead of his family; thus, she has few memories of him spending time with her and her mother. She remarks that she should "slap [her father] upside the head" for worrying them.

The pair battle various creatures in the facility, including giant tentacles. Lisa remarks that the facility resembles a jungle (if the player chooses the BIO Lab) or the inside of a giant plant (if the player chooses the BIO Plant). They eventually confront the source of the tentacles: Sun, a mutant tree. After defeating Sun, Lisa and G blast tree bark obstructing a door to escape through to the other side of the facility.

In the elevator, G asks Lisa if she is worried about her father. She references that would repeatedly tell her to "believe in [herself]", which she is fed up with.

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