"This place was my whole life."
Daniel Curien[src]
The EFI Research Facility is a privately-owned building that houses bio laboratories, a secure database, and a DBR Corporation-affiliated institute. It was involved with human genome experimentation. In 2019, it was investigated for possible ties to an apocalypse wrought by prior incidents using hostile biologically-engineered creatures.

The building is the main setting of The House of the Dead III.

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Beginnings Edit

Allegedly backed by a figure close to a financial conglomerate, the EFI Research Facility conducted extensive research on the human genome. This included: the "catalogization of human genome"; "proof of biological determinism''; "intervention in DNA somatic cells''; the "acquired system of acquired RNA"; the gap between life and death; and gene transplantation.[1][2]

Involvement with the Curien family Edit

Sometime around the late 1990s, then DBR Corporation research director Dr. Roy Curien led a human genome-based project. Although initially meant to cure his terminally-ill son Daniel, the project later focused on controlling life and death. He produced genes that cured Daniel, along with others named the Magician and the Wheel of Fate, but he went insane. On December 18, 1998, Curien released his macabre test subjects in his mansion. Thomas Rogan and G, agents of the American government organization AMS, dispatched the threat; the Magician killed Curien out of disobedience.[3]

Sometime after the incident, Curien's body and Daniel were brought to the EFI Research Facility. Daniel spent 19 years of his life watching his father's transformation as the Wheel of Fate.[4]

2019 investigations Edit

Similar worldwide incidents occurred in the years following the Curien Mansion incident.[5][6][7][8] By 2019, society had collapsed and the AMS was disbanded.[9] In October 17, a now-retired Rogan led a team of military commandos into the EFI Research Facility, believing it to be the source of humanity's downfall.[1] He was injured and most of his men died during the mission, but Daniel rescued him.

Two weeks later[10], Rogan's daughter Lisa and G raided the facility to find Rogan. They battled numerous creatures, including Death in the Information Systems Department; the Sun in the BIO Lab; and the Fool in the DBR Institute. They found Rogan, who revealed that Daniel was his savior. Lisa and Daniel teamed up to destroy the Wheel of Fate.

Nevertheless, despite shutting down the outbreak's source, an associate of Curien and Goldman named Thornheart managed to retrieve the remains of a cure for Daniel's illness, musing that the sample serves more than one purpose.

Layout Edit

Entrance Edit

The entrance was previously rich in greenery and color, and could be reached via car.[11] There is an underground parking garage. Lisa and G were pursued through this area by Death, a behemoth dressed as a security guard, when they entered the premises.

BIO Lab Edit

This area of the facility focused on plant-based experiments, including blending plant seeds and genetically producing plant-animal hybrids; the most notable is the Sun, a massive tree-like organism which Lisa and G encountered. There is a large atrium in the center of the lab.[11]

Information Systems Department Edit

This database stores research results and external information, and was protected by a security system that now only partially works.[11]

DBR Institute Edit

The institute focused on ecology-based experiments. It is only accessable via elevator, which was used in the case of experiment-related emergencies.[11] The Fool, a sloth-like creature, resides in a giant metal cage and feeds on human corpses.

Level 4 Lab Edit

Located in the deepest part of the building, the Level 4 Lab was where genetic experiments took place and has many large test tubes for the resulting creatures produced.[11] This is where the Wheel of Fate underwent growth, and Thomas Rogan stayed after being rescued by Daniel Curien.

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