EFI facility

This place was my whole life.

Daniel Curien[src]
The EFI Research Facility is a privately owned building with a history of genetic experimentation. It is the primary setting of The House of the Dead III.

Allegedly backed by one of the world's leading corporate executives, the facility conducted extensive research on the human genome.[1] It housed bio laboratories, a secure database, and a DBR Corporation-affiliated institute.

The building continued the late geneticist Dr. Roy Curien's development of hostile biologically-engineered creatures. After his death in the 1998 Curien Mansion Incident, his body was brought to the EFI Research Facility to be transformed into the Wheel of Fate. His son, Daniel Curien, witnessed the process for 19 years.

In 2019, the creatures led to the collapse of civilization; former AMS agents determined the EFI Research Facility as the source. Together, along with Daniel's efforts, they destroyed the Wheel of Fate and saved humanity.


The EFI Research Facility was a private research facility in Europe or North America that was backed by a figure close to a financial conglomerate. This facility was used to continue the late Dr. Roy Curien's research of developing undead creatures and mutants, eventually contributing to the global event known as the "World's Collapse". The true activities of the facility were hidden from the public, publicizing that it was used for research in the fields of cutting-edge genetic research, including the human genome catalog, the gap between life and death, gene transplantation, and acquired RNA existence systems.

By the year 2000, Dr. Curien's son, Daniel, was transferred to this facility, personally witnessing the growth of the facility's top secret project, the Wheel of Fate, which used Roy Curien's body as a test subject.

Sometime before or during the year 2019, former AMS Agent Thomas Rogan and his group of commandos came to investigate the facility for the information regarding the source of the undead. However, all of the members except Rogan were ambushed and killed by Death, the facility's guardian, with him surviving thanks to Daniel's help. Later, the mutants would be eradicated by Rogan's daughter, Lisa, and his partner G (and later, Daniel), shutting down the facility and the Wheel of Fate for good.

Nevertheless, despite shutting down the outbreak's source, an associate of Curien and Goldman named Thornheart managed to retrieve the remains of a cure for Daniel's illness, musing that the sample serves more than one purpose.


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