The EFI Genome Ward and the DBR Institute are two facilities within the EFI Research Facility, as well as levels in The House of the Dead III. Depending on the player's decisions, they will journey through either facility.


Upon reaching the Ward, Lisa Rogan asked G "What happened to the world?" G responds with the 1998 Curien Mansion Case is mind, the project being a threat to humanity itself, which he and her father put a stop to.

They fight off mutants along the way and reach the center of the Ward, where they are greeted with mutant corpses as the gates close, trapping them inside. They are then greeted with a mutant sloth, codenamed Fool, whom they would eventually defeat, as Fool falls to its death.

Lisa sarcastically mocks the Fool, "Had enough yet?", before leaving for the elevator. She then wonders if her father and G put a stop to Curien's plans as the elevator closes. G then responds that there may be someone planning to continue his legacy.

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