"Nothing can erase my pain."
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Have you ever thought about the future? What will happen to the world if humans continue to breed? Don't you see? Humans have set themselves upon the path to inevitable destruction.

Caleb Goldman[src]

Emptiness is the third chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


Caleb Goldman sits in his office, musing about the future of humanity.

After their battle with the Lovers, AMS agent James Taylor and his partner Kate Green are forced to abandon the broken construction elevator and find another way to the surface. They enter the abandoned subway system and, after fighting more hordes of creatures, reach an operable train. However, they are ambushed and chased by the Empress, a chainsaw-wielding humanoid.

The agents fight and kill Empress, who falls outside and is hit by a passing train. Kate notices a large pile of rubble in the train's path; the agents jump to safety. As they walk off, James complains that they're "getting nowhere real fast".


Upon starting, two Kevins and several Kageos will attack. You will automatically climb up a ladder and see two dumpsters. Several Murrers will crawl out from below, and several Ebitans will appear from the dumpsters. As you proceed up the staircases, three more Ebitans will crawl onto the platform while a Kevin and Jimmy will appear from the side. Behind you, several Kageos break a poster and attack you. As you look up the staircases, two Kevins will attempt to throw rock fragments at you before pulling back. As you go up, the pair will attempt to fight you. Afterwards, three Victors will drop down from a platform above; kill them quickly. Avoid hitting their knives as they reflect your shots and deals no damage to them.

After a cutscene, several creatures will appear from an escalator. Once cleared, James wonders what path to take. As they look at a door, a Kageo torso bursts out from it and will drag you.

  • If you don't get out of its drag, the torso will move backwards and can be killed normally. A bell can be shot at for several points, and a large group of regular Kageo are standing idly before attacking. Once they are are cleared, two creatures burst out of a lavatory; the one sitting on the toilet will wait for the first one to be killed before doing anything. As you leave the room, two Jimmys will attempt to throw axes at you; shoot them down quickly before they can throw them or just shoot the axes. Kate will tell James to watch his back, where two Victors will attempt to attack you. After proceeding further, you'll see a Kevin carrying a rock fragment; kill him quickly before he throws it. Several Kageos and Kageo torsos will attempt to attack you also; the normal ones should be prioritized over the torsos first. You will walk up some staircases where two Kevins will attempt to throw barrels at you; destroy the barrels and it is optional to kill the two Kevins , as they will flee after throwing them. Two more Kevins and a Jimmy with axes will be waiting when you get up; shoot them down. A horde of Devilons will appear at the next staircase. When you get up the staircase, a Kevin with a weapon will attempt to attack you. Afterwards, a door opens releasing a large amount of Kageos; it's recommended to throw a grenade to clear them out. If you shot the control panel, you will find a secret area with several point boosting items. You will then appear at the subway station.
  • If you break free of its drag, the torso will move backwards and can be killed normally. A group of Kageos can be seen and shot at, but do not react at the player. You will back away to the escalator where another large group of creatures are waiting for you before you take the escalator. Watch the other escalator quickly as a Jimmy will pop up and throw axes at you. Afterwards, creatures will be waiting for you on both sides. The one waiting for you will be dealt with first and contains various creatures. Afterwards, a Kevin and several axe-wielding Jimmys from the group behind you will catch up; mow them down quickly. Afterwards, two Victors will appear and should be killed quickly; you'll appear at the subway station after they're dead.

At the station, you have two paths to pick; choose one.

  • Left path: You will avoid the group of creatures at the right path, but a smaller group consisting of Ebitans, Kageos and a Jimmy will be fought on this path. After they are dealt with, a group of Devilons wait at the next car. After that car, a small group of Murrers are crawling about on the floor. After leaving the second car, a small group of creatures including a Kevin with a rock fragment wait for you. After they are all killed you will head into the tunnel.
  • Right path: If the right path is taken, you will face a horde of creatures , dealt with in three separate battles. In between the second and third battle will be an interruption of three Ebitans. After the large group has been disposed of, three Jimmys will attempt to throw axes at you. Shoot a box to get a bonus life before you will face a swarm of Devilons at the tunnel.

Regardless of your decision, you will eventually end up at a tunnel, where four Kageo torsos will appear from the vents. After the torsos, two Victors moving erratically will appear from the station before the train arrives. A train will arrive, releasing its cargo of creatures. After they are all dead, you will enter the train, where the Empress attacks.

Boss Information

+           [ THE EMPRESS  Type 1210 ]           +
+       WEAK POINT:      The head                +
+       NO DAMAGE:       The chainsaws and body  +

Phase 1

At the cutscene, the Empress cuts up a door and throws it at the player(s). A Quick Time Event will trigger and you must break free before she damages you. After you break free, you will run to the next car.

Phase 2

A group of undead passengers are startled by your appearance and will attack. Clear them all before you proceed further, where you will turn back and the Empress is behind you. She will simply run towards you, so shoot her in the head before she gets up close and attempts to slice you with her chainsaw. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will stumble.

Phase 3

After the next car, another train will pass by with several creatures. Get rid of the Jimmys first as they will throw their axes at you. The other creatures can be shot at, but they do not retaliate as they are too far in addition to being on a moving object to get at you. Afterwards, the Empress will cut up more things with her chainsaw and fling them at you; shoot them to destroy it. Just like in phase 2, the Empress does not take much action but simply tries to charge at you. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will stumble. You will then run into the next car.

Phase 4

This phase is fought in three separate sections. At the car, you will see several holes above you. The Empress will attempt to kill you by using her chainsaw on those gaps, simply cutting through the metal until she reaches you. Shoot her head to stop the attack. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will give up attacking from above. You will run further into the car when she attacks from the right side. She does the same thing as the last attack, so shoot her at the head. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will give up attacking on that side, but instead jump over to the other side where she does the same thing. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will give up attacking on this phase and you will run to the next car.

Phase 5

At the next car, the Empress drops down into the car with you, showing that she has broken her chainsaw in half to make her more deadly. She will simply charge up at you. Shoot her quickly before she gets up close. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, she will stumble. You will run into the next car.

Phase 6

At the last car, the Empress changes things up and swings her chainsaws at the player, slightly covering her head. She will do this attack twice, so the attacks should be quite predictable. After being damaged enough, she will move backwards due to her wounds and now attempt to kill you in a frenzy. She will block the first few attacks with her chainsaw; shoot her to knock her back further. She will use the same attacks as the beginning of the phase but will move faster, so shoot her down quickly.

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