Enemies in the House of the Dead franchise consist of hostile biologically-engineered lifeforms.

Types of EnemiesEdit


"Yes!... these are the kinds of breakthrough results that are possible when experiments are carried out scientifically, without undue mushy sentiment for the human test subjects or other ridiculous ethical qualms..."
Dr. Roy Curien's journal entry[[src]]

A creature is a hostile lifeform created through genome experimentation. Creatures vary in appearance, species, abilities, and weaponry. They serve as enemies and bosses in the main House of the Dead series.

Creatures have been produced by chief members of the DBR Corporation to orchestrate a series of incidents, either out of insanity, contempt of mankind, or to protect nature by regulating populations. These incidents have been investigated by the government organization AMS.

The House of the Dead series director Takashi Oda prefers the term "creature" when describing these enemies.[1] Despite this, some websites and print media erroneously refer to them as "zombies" or "monsters".[2]


The DBR Corporation was founded in 1880 for unknown purposes and involved a mysterious man named Thornheart, who survived a fatal disease.[3] In 1998, the company hired geneticist Dr. Roy Curien as their research director, with DBR member Caleb Goldman providing financial backing. Curien invented the BioReactor system and sought controlling life and death--a goal mainly to cure his son Daniel's terminal illness.[4][5] Curien's obsession and abandonment by his own research team drove him mad.[6][7][8]

On December 18th, 1998, Curien unleashed his creatures upon research staff in his mansion; the AMS dispatched the threat. Curien himself died at the hands of his "masterpiece", the Magician.[9]

Believing that mankind posed a threat to nature, Goldman used Curien's research to produce newer, more powerful creatures and slaughter human populations with two more incidents: one on February 26th, 2000[10][11], and another 3 years after the AMS responded and Goldman committed suicide.[12] These incidents resulted in the collapse of civilization.

Thornheart sought completing Curien and Goldman's legacy, devising a scheme called "Noah's Ark" using creatures to eradicate mankind. Sometime after Goldman's second incident, Thornheart unleashed more creatures upon guests of Scarecrow Manor. The AMS battled the threat, but Thornheart escaped.[3]

In 2019, AMS agents deduced that the EFI Research Facility -- a mysterious building in a desert wasteland -- was the source of the humanity's downfall. Daniel, who was now cured, revealed that his father was to be transformed into a creature named the Wheel of Fate. While the Wheel of Fate was destroyed, Thornheart took the gene which cured Daniel, hinting at a "true purpose" that Curien did not understand.

Behavior and AbilitiesEdit

Creatures consist not only of humans, but also other organisms like plants and animals; frogs, bats, birds of prey, and insects are often encountered. Humanoid creatures may be agile and wield weapons. They feast on human flesh, but it is unknown if a creature bite will transform living prey, although people killed by creatures have reanimated some time after being attacked.

Lists of CreaturesEdit

All creatures are named either in game files, print media, or a combination of the two. Kageo, Devilon, Murrer, and Ebitan are so far the only creatures to appear in every main House of the Dead game.


Main article: List of Mutants in The House of the Dead: Overkill

A mutant is a resident of Bayou City, Louisiana that has become infected by the mutagen Formula X. Mutants are the main enemies of The House of the Dead: Overkill.


At the height of the Cold War, Formula X was developed by military scientists to transform ordinary humans into powerful super-soldiers; the project, named Operation Overkill, failed. Samples of Formula X were locked in an underground bunker, which was under a prison run by warden Clement Darling.[13]

In 1991, Clement discovered the bunker. With help from crime lord Papa Caesar and disabled scientist Jasper Guns, Clement sought using Formula X to cure his ailing mother. For unknown reasons, the mutagen was leaked from the facility, infecting the Bayou City populace. After physical and verbal abuse from Caesar (including threats to his sister Varla), Jasper injected himself with Formula X to exact revenge.

After discovering Caesar's link to Formula X, then-rookie AMS agent G and Detective Isaac Washington investigated the mutant threat. They followed Caesar to Clement's prison; Clement executed Caesar and claimed responsibility for the outbreak. In the bunker, Clement transplanted his mother's brain into Varla's body with Formula X; his mother mutated into a large creature, which "G" and Isaac defeated. The Darlings perished when Clement's dead man switch detonated the bunker.[14]


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A zombie is a reanimated corpse that was intended to be used for military purposes. Zombies are the titular enemies of Zombie Revenge.


GOD, a government organization, conducted research on creating a "recyclable" soldier. The group built a laboratory 4000m below the earth; some members of their "Reconnaissance Team" collected specimens above ground, while the rest lived in the laboratory. All evidence was destroyed.[15]

The first Undead Soldier (UDS) had its organs created and a battery attached to its back. The soldiers were designed to be human tanks, capable of still fighting even if wounded. As this project required many parts, GOD members sought a different solution: the Gil cell, named after discoverer Dr. Gil Breitling, which could kill its host yet preserve vitality and dull pain. However, the cell was infectious and uncontrollable, and the UDS project was discontinued.[15]

Bioterrorist ZED took control of the project, producing an outbreak of zombies in Woodside City to exact revenge on Gil, who used ZED's parents as experiments in the project. Gil's son Stick and other AMS agents neutralized the threat. ZED himself unleashed a mutation within him, the Black Magician Type 01 (or the "God of Destruction"), but was defeated.[16]

Vampires Edit

Main article: List of Vampires in Vampire Night

A vampire is a nocturnal creature that feeds on the vital force (traditionally blood) of the living. They are the titular enemies of the House of the Dead-style Namco game Vampire Night.

History Edit

300 years prior to the events depicted in Vampire Night, humans and vampires battled. In 2006, vampire leader Count Auguste grew tired of immortality and sought ending his life. He created two damphyrs (vampire-human hybrids), vampire hunters Michel and Albert, to accomplish this. However, Auguste -- fearing death -- stripped the hunters of their powers and sent his followers to kill them.

Most of the vampires Michel and Albert faced were the minions of Bathe'lemy, Guillaume, Raoul, and Diane, loyal members of Auguste's court, and often had elemental motifs in connection to their masters.

Behavior and Abilities Edit

Vampires range from having normal-sized bodies to being small. They employ a variety of armor, blades, and other elemental powers. For instance, Raoul's vampires can manipulate dark energy, and Diane's are ice-based.


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