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Enigma (謎の男。。。ZED, Nazo no otoko... Zedo?) is the third episode of Zombie Revenge.


Agents Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta, and Rikiya Busujima arrive in Plant Section D4, a chemical plant teeming with zombies, in order to meet ZED. Along the way, they find a wounded man who warns them of the facility exploding "in 3 minutes", shortly before he turns into a zombie himself.

They catch up to ZED in a wide area outside, with Stick demanding that he explain his actions. ZED, however, simply mocks, laughs at, and calls the agents "fools" before he leaves them to deal with UDS-02.

The place explodes right as the agents kill UDS-02. A helicopter soon arrives at the scene to pick them up, but not before they get rid of all the remaining zombies in the area. As they are leaving, Stick helps Linda aboard, at which point he takes out another zombie that has just climbed up.

Upon flying away, the agents learn from Marco Cloud, who pilots the helicopter, that ZED is going to spread the virus which caused the outbreak.


  • The second arena for this area (where the Hermonkey first appears) is used in the movie that plays on the high score screen. There, Busujima can be seen training his gun on an unknown figure, who is later revealed to be a zombie.
    • The grotesque sound effects that play during this segment imply that the figure was mutating into a zombie, although mutation happens differently in the actual game itself.
    • The face of the aforementioned zombie also has the appearance of that of Mansion Zombie 1, an enemy which does not appear in this level.
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