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Escape is the first chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


In 2003, AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green have been trapped for several days in the Classified Documents Room of the agency's European branch office, located in the fifth basement floor. With their backup never arriving, they suspect a terrorist attack. One day, the ground shakes and James' PDA goes off. They view the security cameras and discover that hordes of humanoid creatures have overrun the building.

Kate gathers two machine guns and other weapons before the creatures break into the room. The agents fight to the elevator hall in order to reach the surface. Along the way, they remark how the infestation is similar to events which occurred three years prior.

James and Kate reach the elevator hall, only to find that the path is blocked. While trying to find another way out, a massive hand appears and grabs them. They break free and are dropped into the sewer. A massive four-armed behemoth named Justice fights the agents, but is ultimately defeated. James and Kate continue into the sewers.


Several creatures will attack after busting the door to the security room. After they are defeated, you will look to the left before several more creatures attack from the right. As you look at the directions to the elevator hall, a creature from the right side will grab you. James will tell you to shake your gun to break free of their grab. Simply kill any creature that is trying to attack you; the ones flailing in the background don't pay attention to you. After they're defeated, you'll make your way to the elevator hall. Two shafts near the door will bust open and four Roses will pop up. After they are killed, you will proceed to the door where another creature will grab you; break free of its grip and kill off the remaining to go to a cutscene where creatures are banging on the glass.

Suddenly, one of the containment units breaks and spills out a large amount of creature. A grenade can be thrown to clear them out if needed. After they're defeated, you'll appear in a split path where the two decide where the elevator hall is. Suddenly a door opens and creatures spill out from it, before another one opens up almost immediately and more creatures will appear. If the control panel is ignored, then the doors will close on the creatures after enough have been killed. If the panel is destroyed, then the area turns into a large scale fight where the creatures can shove you to the ground and attempt to attack alone or with up two more creatures. James will suggest to use a grenade, though this is optional.

If the panel is destroyed, then you will proceed down another hallway where two Roses drop down from some debris, before being greeted by infected staff. As you move, three Mackeys will lift a disabled security panel and attack. Once killed, a small room containing several point boosting items can be found before returning to the main path, where a Mackey appear from the right and attempt to grab you.

If the panel is spared, the doors will close on the remaining creatures before a group of common creatures and three Mackeys attack, followed by two Roses from the left hallway, then a Mackey from behind.

You will now appear at a very large room. You must pick a path in 10 seconds; either go upstairs or downstairs.

  • Upstairs: When this path is chosen, you will walk up the staircase to your left. Four Roses will drop down and attack you. When they're dead, two Mackeys will open the door to your left. After reaching a new floor, a group of creatures are waiting for you, including several which will drop down from the debris from the next floor. After passing through a glass floor with creatures downstairs, seven Roses will attack after you cross it. Several creatures will appear from a partially shut door when they are dealt with. Go down to the floor below you, where three more Roses will try to attack you. Three Mackeys will break open a door after they're killed, and after they are dealt with you will face a large group of zombies before proceeding further.
  • Downstairs: When this path is chosen, you will walk to the staircase on your right. Two Mackeys and infected staff are ready to fight you. After they are dead, four Roses are waiting at the side room. When you walk down further, more creatures will appear from a partially shut door, and after they're dealt with a large group of creatures are behind you. When they're all but turned into dust, more creatures appear from the rubble. Kill them and a cutscene will occur where creatures are banging on a glass floor above you. They manage to break it, and you will end up fighting them. After they are killed and after a cutscene, seven Roses will attack. After they are killed, the group similar to the last encounter taking the upstairs path will be chosen, except that some creatures fall from a railing instead of crawling on the floor.

Regardless of your decision, once you are finished with the path you will proceed further to the elevator hall. Shoot a panel to the right to get a bonus life. Creatures crawl out of crevices on the floor and two doors will slide open. Throw a grenade into the right one. Two Walters will appear and once all creatures are killed, you will peek into the right room for more point-boosting items. After reaching the hall, Justice's hand will grab you. Shake free to start the fight.

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