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For the first Chapter of the same name in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, see Escape (The House of the Dead EX Chapter).

Escape (脱出, Dasshutsu?) is the first Chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


In 2003, AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green are trapped for several days in the Classified Documents Room of the agency's European branch office, located in the fifth basement floor. With their backup never arriving, they suspect a terrorist attack. Suddenly, the ground shakes and James' PDA goes off. They view the security cameras and discover that a horde of humanoid creatures have overrun the building.

Kate collects a bag containing two submachine guns and several grenades before the creatures break into the room. The agents fight their way out, aiming to reach the elevator hall so that they can get to the surface. Along the way, they remark how the infestation is similar to the events which occurred three years prior.

When James and Kate do get to the elevator, they discover that it is blocked. Before they can find another way out, a massive hand appears and grabs them. They break free, falling into the sewer to find themselves taking on a four-armed behemoth named Justice.

Despite the monster's constant efforts to crush them, they defeat Justice and continue into the sewers.


Several Davids (around seven of them) will move in on the player(s) after busting down the door to the security room. After taking them out, the player(s) will look to the left before three Stones-As attack from the right. As the player(s) look at the directions to the elevator hall, a David from the right side will grab the player(s). James will tell the player(s) to "shake [the] gun" to break free of its grab. Simply kill any creature that is trying to attack, as the ones flailing in the background possess no threat. After they're defeated, the player(s) will continue down the left corridor. Two shafts near the door will bust open and four Roses will pop up. After they are killed, the player(s) will proceed to the door where a Stones-A will try to grab the player(s). If the player(s) can shoot it fast enough, it will makes no need for shaking the gun. However, if too slow, the creature will grab the player(s) and it is required to shake the gun to break free of its grip before it damage the player(s). Kill the rest of the creatures inside the room to prompts a cutscene, where two Stones-B hordes are banging on the glass.

One of the containment units, which is on the right side on the player(s) upon entering, will break, spilling out a large amount of those Stones-B. Use a grenade to clear them out if needed. After they're defeated, the player(s) will reach a split path where the two agents decide where the elevator hall is. A door will suddenly open, before the other opens up almost instantly after, causing more creatures will appear. The area will turn into a large scale fight where the creatures can shove the player(s) to the ground and attempt to attack on their own or in smaller groups. James (and the game's pop-up) will suggest the player(s) to use a grenade, though this is optional. There is a red control panel in one of the hallways where the doors were closed, which the player(s) can destroy.

If the panel is destroyed, the player(s) will be forced to kill all the creatures, before going down another hallway to the right. Two Roses will drop down from some debris. After dealing with them, the player(s) will be greeted by four Costello-As. As the player(s) move, three (if single player)/four (if two players) Mackeys will lift a disabled security door and attack. Once killed, the player(s) can reveal a small room containing several point-boosting items before returning to the main path, where a Mackey appear from the right and attempt to grab the player(s). Kill it to prompts a cutscene.

If the panel is not destroyed, the player(s) will go through another door (regardless of whether the player(s) killed all the creatures in the previous area) before a group of Davids and Mackeys attack, followed by two Roses from the left hallway, then a Mackey from the right hallway. Kill it to prompts a cutscene.

Both mini-paths leads to a very large room. James' PDA will notify the player(s) that they are branching paths, in which the player(s) have to pick a path in 10 seconds, either go Upstairs or Downstairs. The PDA itself will warns that the Downstairs path was more dangerous, as it contains more creatures, but that means a better chance of yielding higher Score for the player(s).

  • Upstairs: Choose this path and the player(s) will walk up the staircase to the left. Four Roses will drop down and attack. Kill them and two Mackeys will push open the door to the left of the player(s). After killing them off, a cutscene will prompted, showing the creatures downstairs on the room had just wake up, meaning the agents avoid them in time. Then, on the next floor, a horde of creatures will be waiting for the player(s), including several which will drop down from the debris from further upstairs. After crossing a glass floor with a horde of Stones-Bs below it, seven Roses will attack. Once it was dealt with, the player(s) will move towards a partially shut door which several Davids will appear from. From there, the player(s) will head downstairs, where three more Roses will try to attack. Three Mackeys will break open a door after they're killed and after they are dealt with, the player(s) will face a horde of creatures on the bottom of the staircase. After a short period of time, regardless of whether the player(s) killed all the creatures, the player(s) will turn to the room located at the right side of the staircase.
  • Downstairs: Choose this path and the player(s) will walk down the staircase to the right. Two Mackeys and two Costello-As are ready to fight. After they are dead, four Roses are waiting at the side room. When the player(s) walk down further, five Davids will appear from a partially shut door. After they're dealt with, a horde of creatures are behind the player(s). When they're all but turned into dust, a group of creatures will appeared from the rubble. Kill them and a cutscene will occur where several Davids (approximately 10 to 12 of them) are banging on a glass floor above the player(s). They will break it down, ensuing a fight. After they are killed, a cutscene will prompted, which shows the creatures downstairs on the room had just wake up, meaning the agents avoid them in time. On the staircase, seven Roses will attack in an interval of four and three. After they are killed, the horde similar to the last encounter from the upstairs path appeared, except that the number of creatures are noticeably smaller, some creatures will fall from a railing instead of crawling on the floor, and the player(s) had to kill them all before the player(s) can proceed to the room located at the left side of the staircase.

This means that both paths leads to the same elevator hall. Upon entering, Kate will complain about "so much destruction" on the hall. Three Davids will crawl out of crevices on the floor and two doors will slide open. Two Mackeys and two Davids will appear from both of them. After killing them, the player(s) turned around to enter the hall, where the player(s) will discover that "[the] way is blocked". James then points to his left to "find another way out". Suddenly, Justice's hand will appeared and it will grab the player(s). Shake free to avoid taking damage and the fight will start.

Boss Information

Main article: Justice#Gameplay

James' PDA will inform the player(s) that his Weak Point is his Tongue. James will then complained that it is "all happening again" and remarks that this one is "much worse" than the last time. Then, Kate will shout that it is "coming". Justice will first charge at the player(s) wildly, exposing his mouth. After surviving his first attack, Justice will walk towards the player(s) for a moment, before turning to a tunnel to his right.

As the player(s) walk along the sewers, Justice's hand will break through a wall from the right side of the player(s). Simply shake free to avoid taking damage. Then, the player(s) will cross path with Justice again, where he now approach more smartly, as he is using his hand to cover his Weak Point. If he manage to get close to the player(s), he will stomp on the player(s) using his feet. He will repeat this until the player(s) manage to end this phase.

On the third phase of his attacks, two situations will happened. If James said "Follow me!", he will walked straight ahead and Justice will attack the player(s) using the form in the second phase, which is much harder. However, if James said "This way!", he will turned to his right and Justice will attack the player(s) using the form in the first phase. No matter what happened, after the player(s) ended this phase, Justice will attack the player(s) using his attack in the first phase. Simply end this phase to proceed to the last phase, which will feature the opposite of what happened in the fourth phase. After he was defeated, Justice will drop to his stomach and slowly melting down on the water. James and Kate will turned away from his corpse to walk down the sewers, with either James complaining it is just like "three years ago" and the battle "is starting again" or Kate telling James to pay for her dry cleaning "once [they're] out of [there]".

Bonus Items and Area(s)

Main article: Bonus_items#The_House_of_the_Dead_4_and_Special

There are bonus items and area(s) scattered across the Chapter:

  • Bonus Items:
    • After coming out of the room, the player(s) have to shoot a panel before turning to face three Stones-As, which will reveal a Bronze Coin. However, some found it on the left panel on the hallway prior to facing the Roses from the shafts.
    • Depending on the first outcome, this could be after/before it. After the player(s) break free from the pulling David, there is a box on the right side of the room, which contains a Silver Coin.
    • On the split path which have red panel box on one of the rooms, there are two boxes on the floor. One of it will contains a Grenade.
    • The right panel prior to entering the large room showing the branching paths contains a Med Kit.
    • If going Upstairs:
      • The room where two Mackeys spawned will have a panel, which contains a Top Hat.
      • At the top of the staircase, a yellow panel will appear, with this containing a Gold Coin.
      • At the left side of the partially shut door is a yellow panel, which contains a Grenade.
    • If going Downstairs:
      • The room where four Roses spawned will have a box, which contains a Golden Frog.
      • There is a yellow panel placed at each end of the hall after reaching the lowest level. The first panel, located at the left side of the player(s), contains a Bronze Coin, while the second panel, located at the right side of the player(s), contains a Silver Coin.
    • At the left side of the elevator hall's door is a yellow panel, which contains a Grenade.
    • The right panel upon entering the elevator hall, if shot, will reveals a Med Kit.
  • Bonus Area(s):
    • This can only be accessed if the player(s) destroyed the red panel and take the mini-path to the right. When one of the Mackeys is lifting the security panel's door, shoot the broken glass on the left side of the room. After the Mackeys are dealt with, the player(s) will look inside the room, which contains a Golden Frog, a Gold Coin, and two Silver Coins.
    • When the slide door on the right side of the elevator hall opened, throw a Grenade inside. If done correctly, after the creatures are dealt with, the player(s) will look inside the room, which contains a Golden Bell, a Top Hat, a Gold Coin, a Silver Coin, and a Bronze Coin.


  • This is the only Boss fight in the series where the Boss can be defeated without spending any single bullet and not taking any damage, as if the player(s) throw five Grenades at him, it will be enough to stop each attack's phase, as Justice apparently swallow the Grenades thrown by the player(s), inflicting damage on his tongue more easily.



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