THoTD4 Chp1

Escape is Chapter 1 of The House of the Dead 4.


Several days later...

While waiting for a rescue squad to pick them up, James' PDA goes off and rushes to the security camera. He notices swarms of undead have infiltrated the building and Kate searches the room for weapons and finds two submachine guns.

The two fight off the hordes of undead in an attempt to get to the surface via elevator, noting what is happening at the surface and how many zombies there are compared to the 2000 event. When they reach the elevator hall, they find that it is busted and try to find another way out when a large arm grabs them. The two shake themselves free of the arm, but the arm sinks, collapsing the floor and dropping the two into the sewer. They soon face Justice and defeat it in a chase across the sewers. James notes that it's starting again, but it's far more worse and the two need to find their way to the surface quickly.


Several zombies will attack after busting the door to the security room. After they are defeated, you will look to the left before several more zombies attack from the right. As you look at the directions to the elevator hall, a zombie from the right side will grab you. James will tell you to shake your gun to break free of their grab. Simply kill any zombie that is trying to attack you; the ones flailing in the background don't pay attention to you. After they're defeated, you'll go to the elevator hall. Two shafts near a door will bust open and some Nathans will pop up. After they are killed, you will proceed to the door where another zombie will grab you; break free of its grip and kill off the remaining to go to a cutscene where zombies are banging on the glass.

Suddenly, one of the containment units breaks and spills out a large amount of zombies. A grenade can be thrown to clear them out if needed. After they're defeated, you'll appear in a split path where the two decide where the elevator hall is. Suddenly a door opens and zombies spill out from it. If you shoot the control panel near the wall, a second door will open and release more zombies. James will tell you to use grenades, although this is optional. At this skirmish, zombies can toss you onto the floor. This gives a split-second immunity and after you recover, either the zombie that tossed you onto the floor will attack or attempt to stomp you with up to two more zombies.

If you opened the second door, you will go in that direction. Two more Nathans will appear, then a group of infected staff will be seen when they're dealt with. Keep moving until three Trasks will appear opening a partly shut door. Once killed, several items will be seen in a small room which can be shot at for extra points. You will then return to the main path; shoot open a panel to reveal a Life Box. Another Trask will appear and attempt to grab you; shake it off and kill it before it attacks you.

You will now appear at a very large room. You must pick a path in 10 seconds; either go upstairs or downstairs.

  • Upstairs: When this path is chosen, you will walk up the staircase to your left. Four Nathans will drop down and attack you. When they're dead, two Trasks will open the door to your left. After reaching a new floor, a group of zombies are waiting for you, including several which will drop down from the debris from the next floor. After passing through a glass floor with zombies downstairs, seven Nathans will attack after you cross it. Several zombies will appear from a partially shut door when they are dealt with. Go down to the floor below you, where three more Nathans will try to attack you. Three Trasks will break open a door after they're killed, and after they are dealt with you will face a large group of zombies before proceeding further.
  • Downstairs: When this path is chosen, you will walk to the staircase on your right. Two Trasks and infected staff are ready to fight you. After they are dead, four Nathans are waiting at the side room. When you walk down further, more zombies will appear from a partially shut door, and after they're dealt with a large group of zombies are behind you. When they're all but turned into dust, more zombies appear from the rubble. Kill them and a cutscene will occur where zombies are banging on a glass floor above you. They manage to break it, and you will end up fighting them. After they are killed and after a cutscene, seven Nathans will attack. After they are killed, the group similar to the last encounter taking the upstairs path will be chosen, except that some zombies fall from a railing instead of crawling on the floor.

Regrardless of your decision, once you are finished with the path you will proceed further to the elevator hall. Shoot a panel to the right to get a Life Box. Zombies crawl out of crevices on the floor and two doors will slide open. Throw a grenade into the right one. Two Trasks will appear and once all zombies are killed, you will peek into the right room for more point-boosting items. After reaching the hall, Justice's hand will grab you. Shake free to start the fight.

Boss Information

[JUSTICE Type 0053]
WEAK POINT: The Tongue
NO DAMAGE: Anywhere else

Phase 1

Justice will rush towards you. Shoot his tongue quickly while he is charging at you, as he does not make any attempts to protect himself. If he grabs you, shake free or he will damage you with a lick from his tongue. The more he grabs you, the harder it will be to shake the Success bar. After shaking free, there is a slight delay before he drops you into the water, although shooting at his tongue while he stares at you will not deal as much damage as shooting him normally. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, he will stumble.

Phase 2

Justice will run to a side path while you continue on the path followed. After a while, he will suddenly break a wall and grab you; break free or you will be squeezed for damage.

Phase 3

Justice does the same thing as in phase 1; however rather then grabbing you he will intentionally slip and damage you with his feet instead. Shoot his tongue quickly before he hits you with his feet. Once the CANCEL bar is filled, he will stumble.

Phase 4

This phase is just the same as with phase 1; however it is harder to break free of his grab if he grabs you.

Phase 5

Just like in phase 3, Justice will try to hit you with his feet again. This time, he is aware of your tactics and will protect his face with his arms. In addition, he will run slightly faster compared to phase 3 so damage will need to be dealt quickly before he thrashes you.

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