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Firearms are the main weapons of the House of the Dead series. ALL weapons (and models) will be listed here, to keep it organized.


The main weapons of the first two games, and a minor one on Overkill.

  • Unidentifiable models (referred to as "AMS EATER Custom") - The main weapons of House of the Dead 1. Due to low graphic levels, they are hard to identify, but Rogan's pistol seems to resemble a Glock 36, while G's resembles a M1911. That is still up for debate, though. According from first game's guide book "The House of the Dead Official Guide", It is a heavily modified unknown handgun which was adopted by AMS. with modified to striker fired, changed the caliber from 9 × 19 mm to 50.AE rounds. It is also equipped with enlarged ambidextrous safety lever, magazine release and single-column 6 rounds magazine.
  • Beretta Cougar Inox - The weapons in House of the Dead 2. All AMS agents (Harry, Amy, James and Gary) use the stainless steel variant. These chamber 6 rounds, but can be modified to hold up to 14 in the Original Mode of House of the Dead 2+3 Returns.
  • AMS Magnum - Used in Overkill, used by G and Isaac, both hold 12 rounds defult. Despite being a magnum, it is rather weak, due to it being the first weapon. Can be modified in-game for better power, more bullets, faster reload time and so on. Issac carries 2 in game, unless a map in played in 2-player, where he is forced to use only one. A mix between a Desert Eagle and a Berreta M9.
  • Beretta M9/92FS - Seen on the cover of House of the Dead Overkill, but not used in game. Held by G.
  • Colt M1911A1 - Seen on the leg holster of Thomas Rogan's mercenary units including Dan Taylor. It is never used.


Shotguns are used only in House of the Dead 3 and Overkill. They are devastating at any range as slugs are their main ammunition in-game.

  • SPAS-12 - Used in House of the Dead 3 with no folding stock, a smaller pump, weapon light and a 6 shell capacity, rather than 8. Used by G and Lisa in the main portions of the game, Daniel in the end and Rogan and Dan Taylor at the prologue. Also used by Candi and Varla in the PS3 Move edtion of House of the Dead Overkill.
  • Benellii Nova - Called the "Pump-Action Shotgun" in-game, only used in Overkill. Lethal in close range, good for Goregasems, but slow to fire and reload.
  • Benelli M3 Super 90 - The "Semi-Auto" in Overkill. Almost the same as the Nova, but with a faster firing rate. A short version appears in the House of the Dead III beta version and in the final version's opening and chapter loading movies.
  • Remington 870 - Seen on the cover of Overkill, but not used. Held by Isaac.

Sub-Machine Gun/Assault Rifle

Sub-Machine guns are used in HOTD 4, Scarlet Dawn and Overkill, and an Assault Rifle. The assault rifle is sorted here for convenience.

  • Brügger & Thomet TP9 - Used in both 4 and Overkill. In HOTD 4, it is used by James and Kate, holding 30 rounds and is heavily modified with no folding stock and has a weapon light. It is also used by G in the House of the Dead 4 Special. In Overkill, it looks the same as it should, holds 20 rounds again and is used by G and Issac, thought this is on the choice of the player. Called the "Sub-machine gun".
  • HK MP7 - Used in Scarlet Dawn by Kate and Ryan. It holds 30 rounds and fitted with aftermarket iron sights and vertical fore-grip. It is called the "Machine Gun" in-game.
  • HK XM8 - Experimental "Assault Rifle" used in Overkill. High rate of fire, very powerful, but can be inaccurate. Used by G and Issac in the final level, regardless of what the player actually chooses.


Any other weapon used that does not belong to the main categories.

  • Mk 2 hand grenade - Is used as a secondary weapon in House of the Dead 4 and Special. Has a default capacity of 3 and a maximum of 5.
  • S&W 500/Taurus Raging Bull - The main magnum in House of the Dead Overkill. Really strong 6 shot capacity, but kick is massive. It is called the "Handcannon".
  • GAU-19 - A Minigun. Used in the final battle of House of the Dead Overkill, where a "missing reel" joke reveals that G and Issac found them lying around. Can be bought after Extended Cut is cleared. It has an unlimited ammo capacity, but if used too much in an instant, it will overheat, rendering the user defensless until it cools down.
  • Crossbow - Apparantly used in Overkill Extended Cut. Has 3 arrows per reload, but reloads slowly.
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