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What is this place... some sort of feeding ground?

G observing the human corpses in Fool's cage.[src]

Type-0028, codenamed "Fool" (フール, Fūru?), was a sloth-like creature. Depending on the routes taken, it is the boss of either the second, third, or fourth chapter in The House of the Dead III.

Encountered in the EFI Genome Ward (or DBR Institute, again determined by the paths taken by the player), Fool lived in a cage and fed on human corpses. In combat, it boasted expert climbing skills. Its weak points were its four paws.


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Created at the EFI Research Facility, Fool resided within a giant cage and fed on human corpses.

In 2019, Lisa Rogan and G broke into the facility to find Thomas Rogan, who had gone missing two weeks earlier. During their mission, the two were locked in Fool's cage. They ultimately killed the creature, which stumbled, lost its grip and fell into the abyss below.


Despite being a sloth, Fool is agile, using its elongated claws to grasp its cage and slash victims. It lives on a diet of flesh and blood, and can rattle its cage to drop human corpses on its prey. The creature's paws are vulnerable to damage; shooting them causes Fool to lose its grip and briefly stop attacking.



Fast and accurate shooting is needed in order to evade Fool's attacks. The creature climbs the inside of its cage in pursuit of the player(s), initially taking little damage when shot anywhere but its claws. Fool repeats several attack phases in quick succession, dropping corpses from above in between. At low health, its whole body is vulnerable to gunfire.


  1. Fool will simply charge at the players while crawling along the wall of the cage. One of Fool's front paws will be its weak point; aim for it and shoot accurately before it has a chance to get close.
  2. After a few seconds lull, Fool begins circling the other direction, swinging its body along with its three good claws. The weak point will be one of its hind claws; as before, shoot away.
  3. Just after it is defeated, it growls, then rattles the entire cage players are in, before bodies are then dropped. Quickly shoot them all down.
  4. Fool will repeat phase 2. Its weak point is its remaining hind paw.
  5. After losing three paws, Fool will now use another arm and do cross climbing. In this attack, the claw to shoot will be in heavy alternating motion with its other claw, so it's pretty easy to miss. Follow as much as possible and shoot it as accurately. If it manages to get close, it will be too late to stop a slash attack.
  6. Fool will repeat phase 3.
  7. Fool's will charge itself up, before making a great leap towards players attempting a slash. To counter, quickly shoot down the claw which will be used for attack, while mid-air. This is the hardest claw to target, yet it is the weakest claw, health-wise. Six shots (twelve for 2 player mode) is required to disrupt this attack. Also, shooting at Fool during each lull deals chip damage.


  • Fool changes phase every time 20% of its health is depleted except phases 3 and 6 which will only be done once.
  • After stopping an attack phase, it is beneficial to reload so that one has a full clip ready for Fool's next phase.


  • While in pursuit, Fool clips through the stair support beams.
  • Fool drops corpses (supposedly shaken loose from hooks) onto G and Lisa during the battle, but the cage you fight it in has no roof.
  • Fool is the only boss battle in the game that has a green crosshair to indicate its weak spots (its claws). This may be so that players do not get confused over which claw is the one to weaken per sequence, and have an easier time keeping up with Fool's speed.
  • If Fool is put off until stage 4, and the player does well throughout the game, Thornheart will appear in the ending to retrieve a mysterious vial from the site of the final battle.


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