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This article covers upcoming House of the Dead-related media. It will be updated as more information is obtained.

Forever Entertainment S.A. is a Polish game developer and publisher based in Gdynia, Poland. Founded in 2010, it has two sister companies: Madman Theory Games, also in Poland; and NCM Entertainment Corp. in Japan.[1] They are the publisher and co-producer of the 2022 rail shooter The House of the Dead: Remake and its sequel, The House of the Dead 2: Remake.[2]


Forever Entertainment was founded by Zbigniew Dębicki in 2010. The company developed and published low-budget game series, including the Miś Uszatek children's game series; the Frederic rhythm game series; and the Sparkle arcade-logic series. Later titles, such as the 2017 science fiction adventure game Hollow, had higher production value. Forever Entertainment also handled console ports, such as those for Fear Effect Sedna in 2018.[3]

The company began hosting projects for external entities, growing into one of the largest game publishers for the Nintendo Switch console. Some notable Switch titles include Thief Simulator and Green Hell.[3]

In 2019, Forever Entertainment began plans to remake several 1990s "cult" games. The first, released in 2020 for various platforms, was Panzer Dragoon: Remake, a remaster of Sega's 1995 rail shooter Panzer Dragoon. A remake of the game's sequel under the name Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake is in development, as well as a remake of the 2000 action-adventure game Fear Effect, titled Fear Effect: Reinvented.[3] The company plans to release "at least" four remakes in 2021, along with three ports and self-made games.[4]

On March 1st, 2021, Forever Entertainment announced that they have signed an agreement to produce remakes for Square Enix Japan.[5]

The House of the Dead remakes

On September 25th, 2019, Forever Entertainment, in cooperation with subsidiaries MegaPixel Studio and TA Publishing, signed an agreement with SEGA Holding Co., Ltd. to develop remakes of The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2. Both will be titled The House of the Dead: Remake and The House of the Dead 2: Remake, respectively.[2] A month after this was reported by Polish news site Graczposolita,[6] the company confirmed the agreement on Twitter.[7] The news was allegedly leaked to the public.[8]

In an investor interview, Zbigniew Dębicki indicated that Forever Entertainment plans on releasing three sequels a year between 2021-2022, including The House of the Dead: Remake.[9] On January 22, 2021, the company tweeted that the House of the Dead remakes are still in development.[10] The House of the Dead: Remake was officially revealed on April 14th, 2021, and was reported to release later that year.[11][12] However, Forever Entertainment delayed the game to the first quarter of 2022.[13]

Forever Entertainment reportedly also has a contract to release The House of the Dead: Remake on Google Stadia.[14] The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Game Store, and Steam have also been listed as platforms.[15]



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