Who knows how many times your father and I survived by the skin of our teeth?

G (ジー ?), codenamed "Silver Fang",[1] is a male former agent of the American government agency AMS. He is a recurring protagonist in the main House of the Dead video game series, with varying depictions in the spin-off The House of the Dead: Overkill and the 2003 film House of the Dead.

Known only by his pseudonym, G has battled worldwide incidents involving hostile biologically-engineered creatures. He retired after the AMS disbanded due to the 2003 world collapse, which he believes is connected to his previous assignments.[2]


The House of the Dead canon

Background and role at AMS

G (right) with partner Thomas Rogan (left) and his then-fiancée Sophie Richards (center).

Most of G's personal information is unknown, including his nationality, birthdate, and real name.[4][5] Age-wise, he was approximately 35 to 40 years old in 1998[4] (making him around 50 in 2019).[5]

G was an agent of the AMS, an American government agency. His initial personality has been described as "[devoted]"[4] and "cold and calculating".[5]

1998 Curien Mansion incident

Main article: The House of the Dead (1996 video game)

G (left) entering the Curien Mansion with partner Thomas Rogan (right).

On December 20, 1998, G and his partner, top agent Thomas Rogan, investigated disappearances at a mansion owned by geneticist and DBR Corporation research director Dr. Curien; Rogan took interest as his fiancée, Sophie Richards, worked under Curien.[6]

G and Rogan arrived to find dead DBR researchers and hostile biologically-engineered creatures -- released by Curien out of insanity -- on the property. They found Sophie, but she was kidnapped by the bat-like Hangedman and later seemingly killed by the armored Chariot.

After defeating them and the insectoid Hermit, G and Rogan confronted Curien in his underground laboratory. They ultimately defeated Curien's "masterpiece", Magician, who killed Curien out of disobedience.[7]

2000 incident

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Two years later, on February 26, 2000, Curien's financier Caleb Goldman masterminded a second infestation in a large, unnamed city; several AMS agents investigated. G planned to meet agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart in a library, but was injured by Zeal, an imp-like humanoid. G provided James and Gary his field journal of creature weak points.[8] Later, after the agents neutralized the threat, Rogan revealed that G had survived.[9]

G alongside Kate.

2003 incidents

Main article: The House of the Dead 4: Special

Goldman staged a posthumous 2003 incident, leading to the collapse of civilization. James sacrificed himself to defeat Goldman's final creation, the World.[10] G partnered with rookie agent Kate Green -- now alone and saddened by James' death -- to fight the infestation back to its source. They fought through a contaminated laboratory and defeated a revived Magician. As they left, G told Kate that "the fight" is about to begin.[11]

Sometime later, G visited the Goldman's headquarters where James sacrificed himself. He told James to rest, vowing that the threat would be eliminated.[12]

2019 EFI Research Facility investigation

Main article: The House of the Dead III

G preparing to infiltrate the EFI Research Facility with Lisa.

By 2019, humanity collapsed and the AMS disbanded.[13] Since the events of 2003, G had been investigating the cause, believing it to be connected to his previous assignments.[5] Rogan formed a secret division comprised of military commandos and tactical expert Dan Taylor. In October 2019, the abandoned EFI Research Facility was determined the source of the apocalypse.[13] Rogan went missing during a raid of the facility; this prompted investigation by G and Rogan's daughter Lisa on October 31.[14]

The pair fought inside the facility, defeating Death, a giant club-wielding behemoth; Sun, a large tree-like mutant; and Fool, a massive sloth-like creature. G and Lisa found Rogan, who revealed that he was rescued by Curien's son, Daniel. It was also revealed that Curien had undergone a 19-year resurrection process, intended to be transformed into a creature named Wheel of Fate. Lisa and Daniel defeated the creature while G stayed behind to care for Rogan.

As the group left the facility, Rogan expressed his gratitude for G's help. G voiced concern for the future of humanity; Rogan remained optimistic, claiming that they had "done [their] part", and that the future was left to people like Lisa and Daniel.[15]

The House of the Dead: Overkill canon

1991 Bayou City investigation

In 1991, after graduating from the AMS academy, Special Agent G was assigned to investigate a missing persons case in Bayou City, Louisiana linked to crime lord Papa Caesar. G teamed up with Detective Isaac Washington, who swore revenge after Caesar killed his father. They were attacked by mutant undead-like creatures.

G and Isaac stormed Caesar's mansion; Caesar escaped, and the two defeated a disabled scientist-turned mutant, Jasper Guns. They then met Varla Guns, a stripper and Jasper's older sister who also sought revenge against Caesar. They encountered the Screamer in a mutant-infested hospital, carnies Nigel and Sebastian in a carnival, the mantis-like Crawler on a train, and the Lobber within the Louisiana swamps.

The pair eventually tracked Caesar to a maximum security prison, meeting its eccentric warden Clement Darling. They found Varla and Cesar strapped in electric chairs; Clement revealed that he was responsible for the outbreak. He then killed Caesar, thus robbing Isaac of his revenge. The agents defeated a mutated prison inmate Brutus the Ruthless before pursuing Darling into a secret underground laboratory.

Upon confronting Clement, the agents discovered that he had transplanted the brain of his ailing mother into Varla's body. Varla then grew into a towering mutant creature, which G and Isaac defeated. Clement pleaded mercy, "returning to the womb" to atone for all the problems he caused. The pair escaped in a helicopter with Varla's brain in a jar, detonating Clement's facility. They then discovered a mutant piloting the helicopter.

Film canon

Isla del Morte investigation

G appears along with Rogan at the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, questioning Rudy Curien while a team of AMS agents arrive via helicopter to investigate the incident on Isla del Morte. In this adoption, G is depicted as African American and he wears a black business suit with a long trench coat.


G's appearance varies among games.

The House of the Dead: Overkill, his youngest appearance, G wears a black formal suit jacket and pants with brown shoes and a white button shirt. He is always depicted wearing purple wraparound sunglasses (switched to aviators in Extended Cut). His hair is short and dark.

In the original House of the Dead, G retains the black formal suit, but his button shirt is now blue and gains a white necktie. His sunglasses are absent.

In The House of the Dead 2, G wears a navy blue formal suit, yellow necktie, and a sky blue button shirt.

In The House of the Dead 4: Special, G wears a black formal suit and purple button shirt.

In The House of the Dead III and the fourth ending of The House of the Dead 4, G has gray hair. His formal suit jacket is replaced with a gray formal vest with matching pants, black shoes, a light blue button shirt, and a yellow necktie.


The House of the Dead 4 Special

Throwing a grenade

  • "Try this!"
  • "This one's for you!"
  • "Let's see how you like this!"

Grenade missed

  • "I've gotten rusty..."
  • "What happened?"
  • "Darn, I missed."
  • "I can't believe I missed..."

Grenade kill

  • "Oooh! Blown to bits!"
  • "Now stay dead!"
  • "Now that was good!"
  • "See ya."

Grabbed by an enemy

  • "Let go of me!"
  • "Give it a rest!"
  • "Hey, I'm not into that."

Taking damage

  • [Two lives remaining] "I...have...failed..."
  • [One life remaining] "I gotta get a hold of myself..."

Stage result rank

  • [S rank] "Not bad, if I do say so myself!"
  • [A rank] "Alright, looks like I've still got it."
  • [B rank] "I've gotta concentrate a little harder."
  • [C rank] "I've gotten rusty..."
  • [D rank] "I can't believe it..."
  • [E rank] "Maybe I should retire..."

Partner's stage result rank

  • [S rank] "I can't believe it! You don't even need me here."
  • [A rank] "Impressive! Keep it up, Kate!"
  • [B rank] "Good job! Let's see if you can do even better!"
  • [C rank] "I thought you were better than that..."
  • [D rank] "Hm. Looks like you need more practice."
  • [E rank] "You missed a lot of training, didn't you?"

Player ranking

  • [Rank 1] "Finally, the recognition I deserve!"
  • [Rank 2] "I think I did better than Logan! [sic]"
  • [Rank 3] "Not bad, if I do say so myself!"
  • [Rank 4] "Alright, looks like I've still got it."
  • [Rank 5] "I thought you were better than that..."
  • [Rank 6] "Hm. Looks like you need more practice."
  • [Rank 7] "I can't believe it..."


G's concept art from The House of the Dead.

Sega AM1 named the character "G" because they wanted to make him "mysterious".[16] The name has a special meaning, and there is more to the character that has yet to be revealed.[16][17] The House of the Dead series director Takashi Oda stated that if the team ever developed a prequel to the original House of the Dead, the meaning of G's name would be an "important" part of it. He also claimed that G's frequent appearances "are not necessarily intentional".[18]

An alternate character model, named G 2, was developed originally as an AMS agent who arrived at the Curien Mansion before G and Rogan.[19][excerpt 1] The character is playable via the console-exclusive Saturn Mode and a secret code in the arcade version.

G's middle-aged appearance in The House of the Dead III was intended to inject "analog warmth" into the character, rather than "[pushing] out a digitally cold face".[20][excerpt 2] The House of the Dead III Perfect Guide described an early sketch of him as having "a wild impression".[20][excerpt 3]

His appearance in Overkill is derived from actor Keanu Reeves as he appears in the 1991 movie Point Break.[21] Before landing the role as G, voice actor Will Sierra auditioned for the characters Papa Caesar and Jasper Guns. Sierra gave G a "cool [and] subtle" approach that was inspired by Reeves and Rod Serling, but was directed to not ad-lib lines. He felt that talking to fellow voice actors Anthony Aroya (Isaac Washington) and Sarah Connor (Varla Guns) helped build "a mini ‘bond’ with [his] virtual video amigos".[22]


  • G is available as a costume in The House of the Dead 2's Original Mode.
  • G's pistol in The House of the Dead is much quieter than Rogan's, despite not having any visible suppressors or using a different cartridge. (It is possible that the sound used is from Virtua Cop, Sega's spin-off game made in 1994.)
  • In The House of the Dead's Sega Saturn manual, Dr. Curien describes G's personality as "digital" with a "metallic" taste, alluding toward the possibility that G is a cyborg or synthetic being.
  • Since his debut appearance in The House of the Dead, G has made both playable and unplayable further appearances and in all following main House of the Dead games except House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.
  • In The House of the Dead: Overkill, it is revealed that G listens to country music.
  • His attire is slightly altered in The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut. In the original Overkill, he wears wrap-around sunglasses, while in Extended Cut he wears a pair of aviators with green tinted lens.
  • In The House of the Dead 2, the filename for G's character is Hou, a Japanese name that translates to "country".
  • Despite that the mobile game The House of the Dead: Nightmare is an adaptation of the original House of the Dead, G is absent.


The House of the Dead

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Official Art


The House of the Dead 2


The House of the Dead III

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Official Art



Guidebook scans

The House of the Dead 4


The House of the Dead 4 Special

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Other Media

The House of the Dead: Overkill

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