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G's file is a field journal owned by AMS special agent G. It documents various biologically-engineered creatures produced by DBR Corporation financier Caleb Goldman. It serves as a gameplay mechanic in The House of the Dead 2, showing the weak points of bosses.


After being injured in a citywide incident on February 26, 2000, G gave the journal to partners James Taylor and Gary Stewart. With the help of the diagrams, James and Gary successfully defeated various biologically-engineered creatures on their way to stop Caleb Goldman, the mastermind of the incident.


G's file contains the names, type numbers, and weak point diagrams of six powerful creatures produced by Goldman during the 2000 incident. Notable entries include Magician, whose weak points are identified because G and Thomas Rogan defeated him in the 1998 Curien Mansion incident; and Emperor, whose weak point is listed as "unknown".



  • G's file appears once again in The Typing of the Dead , except the sketches depicting the boss creatures have the circles marking their weak points faded, as well as missing the word "Weakpoint". Despite this, Emperor's page still has "Weakpoint" on it. Moreover, the sketch for Tower is missing its leftmost and rightmost serpents.
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